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Tasha ~Slave~

*She's a young woman in her late teens. Shoulder length sienna brown hair that has been partially bleeched, giving it strawberry blond streaks and various shades of red-brown highlights. She keeps her face is lowered, deep brown cow eyes looking at the ground in front of her feet. Her eyes scarecly looking above her small nose and two feet in front of her. Her lips are small yet full the soft supple curves turned slightly upwards set almost into a small yet permanent pout. A black dog collar is pulled tight around her thin neck, metal studs protruding from the black leather, both deep into her and out away from her body. Protecting the sensitive skin it encases like a leather glove that will not be removed. She wears a threadbare and tattered brown-grey shirt that obviously don't fit her. The shirt pulling tightly about her the material streaching in odd places across the shoulders, chest, and bust. It had been cut at one time and leave her midrift left bare, a small yellow stone shining from her belly button. Quite the opposite are her jeans, which happen to be too big in every aspect. A rope cord tied about her waist the only thing that holds them up. Her feet are completely bare and show the scars of countless cuts and minor laserations from living on the streets without any shoes or other type of foot protection. Overall she's gaunt looking and obviously doesn't eat much if anything at all. She's small barely reaching the five foot mark and very petite.*


Tasha grew up in Kansas City and has lived their almost all of her life, save the occasional trip out of town which was rare to say the least. Her family was pretty well off do largely to the hard work of her mother who was never their for her or her dead beat dad. Who seemed to have trouble holding down a job for more than a month or two from being drunk. Being around her dad constitly was bad, the fact that he was abusive and very controling was even worse. He would beat her severely for even the least transgression, even as a baby. Often times he would come in in the middle of the night and beat her into another room and whip her constantly untill some miniscule thing was done. When she started school at the age of 6 things only got worse. She had to constantly make excuses for the constant bruises and laserations to her teachers and not more than once was her parents called in. Of course her mom could never attend having business affairs to attend to and her father was all too happy to back her daughter up with her stories. Only to beat her for making him come in to school later. They seemed close those two to those teachers, almost inseperable. By the age of 8 she got so good at making sure everything was done right and her teachers at the school were completely convinced that she just bruised easily that her dad started beating her just because she was being a smart ass and trying to second guess him. So she started leaving things undone which lessened the beatings severity but not by much. By the time she was 12 her father had gotten a steady job but was still drinking heavily and beating her on a regular basis. When she was 13 her parents finally got a devorce but her father was elected guardianship as her mother was too busy working to even appear at court. The contant beatings and more than one head injury was begining to take it's toll. By the time she started highschool she was her fathers willing and very cabable servant. Doing everything he needed, even taking up a part time job so she could help pay for the numerous hospitol bills that she had racked up over the years. She quietly rolled through highschool making no friends what so ever. She was ridiculed by most and what ones that tried to be friends gave up in exasperation shortly after trying. She couldn't have friends as it would displease her father because they would want to spend time with her and it would take away from their time together. On her 18th birthday her father paid a group of kids to take her out for some 'fun' intending on selling her to the one who wanted her the most. They took her to a club in one of the nastier places in town and promptly left her. It was their that a Vampiress by the Name of Sarah Michigan spotted her and skillfully manouvered her out of the bar and into an alleyway where she was promply raped and beaten by the vampiress. After many hours of torture she was embraced then taken to another location to be brainwashed even further. A solid week of programming took place. Her already feeble mind easily overtaken by the hypnotic suggestions as her memory was altered and her mind rebuilt for only subserviance. Battered and broken, she gave in. her only thought, the entire reason for her to exsist became to serve her master. To disobey was a crime that would bring down the swift wrath of all who were supperior to her, and she was the lowest thing on the planet. A creature not even deserving of life or the bliss of death. Forced to feed on the blood of the living in order to continue beyond life. To kill herself was forbidden by the very laws of creation and would cause her soul to wander in torment for all time. Yet she had a clear pourpose.. something that could redeem herself. To be worthy, of what she did not know but she had to find out, and find out she would. Yet to some quirk of fate, she found herself again alone. Left naked in the streets to make her own way, with no form of money, and with out a clue as to what exactly she was. All she knew was she was a vampire and that she must feed on the blood of the living to survive. Her first night out she quickly learned the cruelness that only the sun could bring. Trapped in an ally as the first rays of dawn approached she hid in a trash dumpster and slept until the night had begun. She awoke to a crowd of homeless all peering at her naked and helpless body poking and prodding her as she lay their. They then raped and beat her to unconsiousness then left her for dead. Waking up was one of the hardest things she did that night. She slowly put on some cloths that she found in the alley. She spent the night wandering the streets of the city, looking for her master, as down approached she took refuge inside an abbandond burnt down appartment building. She wandered the night aimlessly and found herself at shadows bar. That is where she met Mal Kontent a wyrm ridden corax. He took her as his love slave and pin coushin. Using her body what so ever how he pleased. He first started by making a brasier out of nails and pins then pushing them into her and piercing her body with small pins. Then he did all sorts of unpeakable acts and crimes tearing her flesh and using her as his cess pit. He brought her first and only kill one night and she was forced to beat a small child then feed from her torn and dead shell. Lapping from the resulting pool of blood. The nexxt night he disappeared, his brother arriving the next day. Only to force her into frenzy in public nearly killing him after a malkavian had used his arts of dementation on her mind. He to then disappeared and she was without a master for a solid week., living on the streets near Shadows bar looking for one that would take her amd make her theirs. Jeannne Zantosa then stepped forward She promises that she will teach Tasha the way, and how to be worthy. Tasha now waits for her at the bar when she is ready to teach her.

Character Sheet

Nature: Celebrant/Masochist Demeanor: Sycohant Clan: Pander Generation: 11 Sire: Sarah Michigan Concept: Slave Age(Mortal):18 Age(Vampire): 3 weeks --Attributes-- -Physical- Strength: 1 Dexterity: 1 Stamina: 4 -Social- Charisma: 3 Manipulation: 3 Appearance: 2 -Mental- Perception: 4 Intelligence: 2 Wits: 4 --Abilities-- -Talents- Alertness: 2 Athletics: Brawl: Dodge: Empathy: 3 Expression: Intimidation: Leadership: Streetwise: 1 (1 pts freebies) Subterfuge: -Secondaries- -Skills- Animal Ken: Crafts:1 Drive: 2 Etiquette: 1 Firearms: Melee: Performance: 2 Security: Stealth: 1 Survival: 2 -Secondaries- cooking 2 (2pt freebie.) -Knowledges- Academics: 4 Computer: Finance: Investigation: Law: 1 Linguistics: Medicine: 3 (1pt freebie) Occult: 2 Politics: 2 Science: 2 -Secondaries- --Advantages-- -Backgrounds- - Generation 2 - - - - -Disciplines- - Fortitude 3 - Obfusegate 1 - - - -Virtues- Conscience/Conviction: 4 (1 pt freebie) Self-Control/Insticts: 4 Courage: 3 (2 pts friebies) Path of: Humanity Path Rating: 7 Willpower: 9 (4 pts freebies) -Merits- - Pain Tolerance (2 pt Tzimisce handbook revised ed.) - concentration (1 pt) - Light Sleeper (2 pt) - Dual Nature (2 pt) -Flaws- - Low Self image (2 pt) - Shy (1 pt) - Phobia -explained below- (2pt) - Amnesia (2 pt) - Dark Fate (5 pt) -Derangements- - Acute Sanguinary Aversion - Manic-Depression