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My Poems

The maze

I run through the maze of death.
Filling the halls with,
my echos of insane dispare.
hunting... yearning... hungering...
for something,
something I have long forgotten.
Finding nothing but,
terror and pain.
down each hall,
around each bend,
piercing my mind like the needles,
of a thousand restless spirits of the damned!

The Dead

I hear their cries for revenge.
The dead are awake.
I join their crowded ranks!
We strip your flesh from your bone.
And drink your cries of pain and sorrow.
"Sleep ye restless dead!" "Ye shall have your revenge!"


Seen in the darkness
born in the shadow
we are what have been
we are what shall be
You are extinct
You are dead
Yet you do not know it
your hide yourself firmly
in you reality
Not daring to peek
out of it to see its illusion
You hide from the reality
and live in the illusion
set by your mind
The Sleepers Shall Awaken!!


Enshrouded darkness enfolds you
giving you power,
taking your soul.
Yet you do not fight
You allow it to feed
believing its lies and illusions.
Untill it leaves,
taking with it its power.
Leaving you nothing but a husk.
fighting the encroaching light.

The Thief

I come, A thief in the night,
In Darkness or light.
I reap,
the sheeves of grain,
giving no pain.
You run,
though you cannot see,
Afriad of me.
I come,
It is all in vain,
To hold the pain.
For.. I am,
A.... Thief in the night,
In darkness or light,
The thief... in the night...

Your night/knight

You run from the night,
full of bleak and fright.
your dress torn and stained.
Thou feel the hot breath
Your body a fine mess.
As Terror breaths down your neck!
You crash through a stream,
Washing the blood off thy feet,
Hoping for thy deem.
Thou run to me,
Fearful you might die.
I your knight,
Your love my shield,
Your respect my Armor,
Your forgiveness my sword,
Your forgiveness my sword,
For me to fight thy night!

The Boat

The waters of life do move as the weather,
and in life as the waters, thee shall know both calm and storm...
He that must embrace the storm shall soon be swept away...
While he that learns to navigate, shall make his own journy
and shall make the devil laugh...
but to still thy tongue and become amazed, thee begets enlightenment,
and thus shall thee know bliss...
Thus may one discover a craft, and sail upon the waters...
Thus may one discover thyself, and sail upon life...


Have I gone insane?
Or do others see what I do?
Am I alone?
Or do everyone hear the voices in my head?
Am I feeling well?
Hell no I feel like shit!
To whom do I go?
How in the hell should I know!
Is this me?
Why do I live this lie?
To survive.


Though the kind I look for is rare,
Like the bud of a rose,
Just newly opened,
Fresh with the morning mists,
It is always fair and beautiful,
I must stop and admire it before it fades,
Like everything else it to must fade and die
another beauty beauty to takes it's place.

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