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Jean Smith

*A tallish woman with long raven black hair, cascading down to the back of her legs in a simple tightly woven braid. A Lady of the orient, her naturally pale face is near white. Small black eyebrows curving over the ridges over brow. In a thin black streak. Dark almond eyes stare out like a raptors, piercing and always alert. Her nose is small and round, the bridge of it almost non-exsistant and the nostrils flare outward in large round globes. Covering her body is a black PVC body suit, cut a little low in the front and covering the rest of her body. A utility belt has ben actually woven into the fabric about the waist, and there are pockets everywhere in the suit. She Wears Kneehigh boots the PVC loose about the topes easily consealing a dagger or knife of some sort. Strapped to her back pommels down is a pair of butterfly Swords and hostered to her side is a Desert Eagle.*