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Radiohead bootleg list

311 bootleg list
Incubus bootleg list
12 SEP 2000

Well, I've got a copy of a Radiohead 2000 show on the way from a new friend in the Netherlands. That should be here within a week.

Last Saturday (today being Tuesday) I and a friend headed down to Strawberries at 9:30am for the 311 tickets on sale at 10. There were people camping out! It was pretty fun, and I got myself a coffee out of it (too sweet btw).

So, I've got tickets for the 311 show on Nov. 6th at the Webster in Hartford. It'll be great! The Webster is a tiny place and I know 311 will rock it! It's great that they've come back to the Webster, and small clubs in general when they could sell out much larger venues. I'll be taping the show in November with my new top-secret James Bond-style headphone mics.

Still no news yet as to Radiohead dates in New York... but I will do my damndest to get tickets and record the show. If you know anything, please lemme know.


07 SEP 2000

Hey, I just realized something! I have all these great Incubus bootlegs, why not list them?

Note: I am not interested in obtaining any more Incubus, however I'll gladly trade my Incubus shows for your 311/Radiohead shows.


06 SEP 2000

I am now sorting through my radiohead bootlegs and picking which ones I will and will not list on my rhead page. I have automatically removed all EPs, as these are available in records stores and online (try or

I'm then sorting the live bootlegs for quality... I had honestly forgotten how incredible Radiohead is live... as I'm listening through these CDs almost every single one is a gem! If you ever have the opportunity to see these guys, do it!

The 311 recordings are a different story... about half of these are not great... 311 is not as good live, their music is generally louder and more bassy, and their lyrics are much faster (harder to sing live)... and alot of the recordings were made by obvious newcomers... anyhow, not all the 311 boots are gonna make the cut. I'll update later on when I've got a final tally.


03 SEP 2000

okay, I've come to the decision that I had been collecting all wrong. Before I had put all my effort into collecting and had as many as 10 trades going on at the same time.

this caused me to not value every boot I got my hands on; instead it became just a commodity; i didn't even listen to some of them. instead of being into bootlegs, I was into collecting... not the same thing.

I am going to throw all my old CDRs, video tapes and yes, even those few analog tapes into a box and throw them in the back of my closet. I am going to start anew. this time I will collect sparingly and really try to value each recording I get.

this means I'll take down almost all of my 311 and Radiohead boots from their respective pages (although I will keep one or two for each band, so I don't have to suffer the indignity of going through *ugh* 2:1's)

I am a new man with a new focus! I will trade less, tape more and value the bootlegs I do trade for.

Tickets for 311 @ The Webster Theatre in Hartford go on sale in just a few days, and you know I'll be first in line.


01 SEP 2000

welcome to a re-done, re-born, re-invigorated the site hadn't been updated for almost *gasp* 10 months, but it's finally back.

the problem that arose was that I was spending entirely too much time on the site and not enough time on, well, other stuff (like not dropping out of school), so things are different but I'd like to keep the site going.

I have decided to now focus exclusively on the two bands that continue to do "keep it real"; those two bands are Radiohead and 311. Radiohead amazes me with their thoroughly unconventional take on life as well as awesome potential, 311 with their feel-good, always-fresh attitude.

from now on I will only be interested in trading for shows of these two bands, and only in the mediums of: CD-R (preferable), Minidisc and MP3.

I will also make an attempt to record more shows for myself; I'm still using my Aiwa AM-F70 MD Recorder and Sound Professionals Binaural microphones.

Speaking of my mics, yesterday I did a little work on them and now am proud owner of James Bond-style headphone mics. I bought a pair of $8 Phillips headphones at Ames and swapped the speakers and wire with my mics and mic wire. Not only will it be easier and less stressful to sneak my new "walkman" into shows, but recording shows should be much easier as well (no more untangling and setting up mic wires under my shirt in the bathroom stall!).


Trading Rules

Quick and Dirty:

  • 2:1's: Not right now.
  • Selling/Buying: I do neither. Don't bother.
  • Bands: 311 and Radiohead only! I may add a "miscellaneous" section for a few others bands but this will be only so I can then trade these CDs for 311 and Radiohead. Muhahaha!
  • I do not do analog. Wake up people, tapes suck! A CD burner can be had for less than $200; go buy/steal one.
  • Video: I am not that into video but will occasionally trade for it. I can not copy videos.
  • Audio: CDRs are my currency. I love 'em.
  • Artwork: I don't send it. If you do then that's great.
  • Mailing CD cases: it's up to you, I have no preference. It costs like 30 cents more... so what.
  • International trades: I love 'em! I've traded with folks from the UK, France, Germany and even Australia. I live in Connecticut, USA if it makes a difference.

email me:

Mr. Thom Yorke
any and all Radio-head 2000 shows. I will be recording at least one or two when they make it to the states, and I am interested in finding others who have or will record shows them-selves. please email me with any info you may have.