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Bday's Family History/Tree

Brian,Cathy,Eli, & Corbin Day
Art,Marie, & Liz Meyer
My Grandma MARIE DAVIS and her sister Elizabeth And Arther

My name is BRIAN DAY I was born Nov. 9 1972 in Quincy, IL. The only son of Randy DAY and Mary Christine DAVIS. The name DAY is an adopted name SCOGGINS is our blood given surname

My grandfather Lester P. DAVIS Died Sept. 1 1991. It didn't hit as hard as it should have for the first year or so. I soon realized I was missing him alot, my mind kept flooding with memorys of him and other family. Doing family research is a good way to keep our loved ones alive long after we are gone. Alot of people including myself take it for granted that our grandparents are always going to be there. This is a way they will be!!

Lester & Marie Davis
Lester & Marie Davis

Just a few surnames I'm searching Blackburn,Bugh,Cannon,Davis,Dunlap,Ellis,Garkie,Meier,Meyer,Mitten Purdy,Scoggins,spidle,Stinson,Vaughn, and Walters

William & Emily Dunlap
William and Emily Dunlap
This is a very young picture of my 3rd greatgrandfather with his first wife Emily. She died young not before having 13 children. William then married his second wife Mary, she was thought to have been Emily's sister. I have no proof to back this up. His third wife Louisa was my 3rd greatgrandma.
Charles Chapman Purdy Molly Bugh Robinson
Charles Chapman Purdy,Molly Bugh Robinson

Dunlap Cemetary

Dunlap Cemetary

This cemetary was at one time on the property of William (Billy) Dunlap, Well of course he dosen't own the property now, I'm sorry to say its not owned buy any blood relatives. The large stone has all the names of Billy's children and Two members of the Riddle family which to whom the land was orignally granted too! There are a few other small stones with no markings except that of Billy's which says (Wm Dunlap). Family story's say that the slaves are buried on the side of the hill with no visable markings!

UPDATED 7-07-02

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