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Phoenix's Cyber Finnish Photos

Here are some Pictures of the Fuksiwunderunde. Literally translated it means "freshman wander around." There were one hundred teams and there were only two international teams. Mine and one other. Our team was entitled "The International Drinkers Association." The object of the event was very similar to the city rally, except at each stage you could get extra points by bribing the judges with food, drinks, etc...

This is myself and my team (I.D.A.). We were light two people in this picture. Magarita, Tapio's (center) wife, and Sanna, one of our Finnish tutors. The picture was taken by Mikko, another team member and Finnish tutor. The members are: Andrea (Germany); Thomas (Hungary); Tapio (Mexico); Outi (Finland); Myself (USA).

These are the two gentleman who checked us in to begin our "wander around."

Here is a picture of Outi and Thomas selecting the brand of vodka that they wanted to use to bribe the male judges...

Here is a picture of me on the city bus into town. Mikko likes to take my picture. They said wear something traditional from our country, so I wore my favorite tie-dye and my camouflage pants (a stiking contrast).

This is a picture of our first stage. The object was to scream as loud as possible for a guy who measured the decibel level above us inside this train car. Both times we screamed at 119 decibels, but after drinks and cookies and a little singing, it was 130 before we left...

This is me taking action at our second stage. We had to kick this small inner tube across the ground and try to knock over as many pop bottles as we could.

Here are all the pop bottles...

Here is another group picture, this time the gentleman sitting (in the blue overalls) is our judge for this event. Notice the cookie in his mouth? We got full points for this event (he liked vodka).

Here is a good picture of our entire group. The only person missing here is Mikko (taking the picture). The girl kneeling is Sanna, our Finnish tutor, and Margarita is the second from left (Mexico).

Okay, this is the dreaded one. My whole group. Mikko is on the left end. We had to sing a song, and since none of us international students know Finnish, we sang a song about beer and danced the Macarena. I hate the macarena...

These are our judges trying to decide how many points our "Macarena" deserved...We got the full ten.

This judge made our group do some interesting things with a piece of PVC pipe. It took some coordination and skill and, unfortunately, we failed miserably.

This is us failing miserably to do the simple task we were assigned to do with the pipe.

Vodka bribes the male judges, while Bailey's Irish Cream bribes the female judges. We ended up with the full ten points here, too, despite the fact that we failed at the task...

Our next stage's task was to bound along a small obstacle course with a burlap sack around our feet. We decided that it would be quicker to run in the sack than to hop.

This is Thomas "running" in the sack. It was his idea to stick our feet as close as possible in the corners of the sack and try to run while sort of hopping...

This is me doing it. I was laughing the whole time and it was kind of hard to do. It would have been pretty easy had I not been laughing so much.

Our next event was to play Kyykka, a Finnish traditional game. It's sort of like bowling with a baseball bat. The object is to knock as many of the kyykka's out of the playing field as is possible.

This is me taking my turn at Kyykka. I did pretty good, and so did everyone else. The girls were cold, so they liked our Bailey's a lot. We got full points here, too.

Here we have our next event: the bread toss. Each person had to throw the bread from the position that I am in. The bread had to fly straight and had to go at least six feet (or so).

These are the judges for the bread toss. One of them was already a bit drunk, and the other was very stubborn. We had to persuade him heavily with much food and drink before he would give us the full ten points, but we eventually got it.

We were so pleased with him finally giving in that I took a picture of the whole group with him in the middle. We were pretty happy.

While looking for our last stage event, we run across the other international group. They are: Petri (Finnish tutor); Michael (Germany); Ute (Germany); and Anton (USA). They weren't really happy to see us because we had the camera.

The last stage was to build a house for a little pink panther doll. We built a crude little hut and stuck a bunch of bribing material inside. When they took the doll, we told the judge it must be all for him. This was, of course, after Thomas explained everything to him in Hungarian...

Does the judge look as if he speaks Hungarian? I warned him that we were an international group, but I don't think he realized the implications until it was too late.

They liked our bribing material, though, and we ended up getting full points here, too.

In fact, we ended up getting full points at every stage except this one. These two Finnish girls didn't know that there would be international students involved in the wunderunde so they had a rather unfair task prepared for us. We only got nine points here after our persuasion.

After we finished all the stages we still had a couple of hours until the party started. here I am about to break a stupid lottery machine because it had a mechanical chicken that kept coo-ing at me.

Then we went and ate Chinese food where everyone attempted to eat with chopsticks. Magarita was very proud that she was able to pick another set up with hers. Immediately after this photo was taken, she dropped both sets and began eating with her fork.

Here's a group photo I took while we were killing some time in the Riverside bar. Sanna had left us by this time, so she isn't in the picture either.

This is the final picture, with the whole group present. We won first place and this is our shot of us and our prize. We were all very happy to have won, but most of us knew that we would. After all, we were only one point short of a perfect score. I don't think 119 out of 120 is bad at all! We won free passes to race formula-1 go karts at a local business. These are the pictures.

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