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Phoenix's Wuksiwunderunde winners

This is a picture of me and two Hungarian guys. The guy in the middle wasn't on our team, but we took him along to show him a good time anyway.

This is everyone who went driving that day. Members of the team missing are Tapio and his wife Margarita (from Mexico) and Sanna (one of our Finnish tutors). The extra guy is Miklos from Hungary.

Here's a good shot of one of us coming into a chicane. it's a really tight corner that I almost always slid sideways around...

Here's an unusual picture of me. I seem to have been the only person who noticed a picture was being taken.

This is Tamas and I looking at our score sheet. It listed such things as the fastest laps, etc...

This is all of us at McDonald's after the race. Tamas (end of table) picked the little kids table to sit at and sat in this little throne-like chair; we decided a picture was necessary.

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