Pan Shaped Cakes
Pan Shaped Cakes

It was a dark and stormy knight. The sun was shining and the clouds were crisp and fluffy (not unlike a crisp and fluffy Dorito, only these are white, not green). The knight pulled out his sword, and smashed the handle against a rock. He didn't know why, but it seemed like a random act of violence that a brave strong knight would do, so he did it. Then, sadly, a giant whale that was swooshing its tail to and fro fell on him, and he died in a sad puddle of whale goo.

Now comes the cakes-shaped-like-pans, and PEZ part! There was a pan that was shaped like a cake, so obviously, a baker made a cake in it. He thought it was a grand cake, and nothing in the kingdom could beat it, so he held a contest, and the winner would get the cake-shaped pan that made pan-shaped cakes. The first person came up, with a dripping, buttery crusted apple mixture.

"Why doth ye waste our time, ye ruffian! For that is a pie, and not a cake!" said the pan-shaped cake baker to the baker with the dripping, buttery crusted berry mixture.

"What! 'Tis not! I made it in a pan shaped like a cake, so it must be a cake!" said the pie baker to the baker holding the pan-shaped cake.

"Foul cur, ye shall pay for thy insolence!" and the baker holding the pan-shaped cake called for a stormy knight to take him away.

"On what charges, fair Baker Holding A Pan-Shaped Cake?" inquired the knight.

"I soiled my apron when he held up his pan-shaped pie baked in a cake-shaped pan in my face!" said the baker holding the pan-shaped cake to the knight with a stormy complexion.

"I merely stated that it was a cake-shaped pan which made the pan-shaped cake and now he wants me to throw the whale in the flower pot!"

"I shall fix this," said the stormy-armored knight to the bakers holding pan-shaped cakes and cake-shaped pans.

Then, sadly, the whale fell again, and killed them all, but to this day, you can still see the cake-shaped pan making pan-shaped cakes in a pan-shaped cake restaraunt at the end of the universe.