Heh heh heh, I GOTTA leave the shit up below cause it cracks me up!! I do entertain myself sometimes. But everthing down below is HISTORY, (you'll be his- you 'll be his- you'll be history). Anyhoo, Rocky has been playing at our old haunt -drumroll please- OAK PARK MALL!! Getouttaheeere! No, really. Craziness, I have come full circle. However it is a short revival. It's been playing every other saturday night there since Sept 14th. The last showing of course being the sat after halloween, resuming on Jan 4th, 2003. From what I hear, turnouts have been good! I was only able to make it to the first Saturday, and it was a fucking blast. Oh, how I want to reference it to ice cream, nice once in awhile but you don't want it for dinner EVERY day! Get my meaning! whoo doggy

First, I do believe I should tell you a little about my Rocky Horror past, present and well we all have the same future, don't we?? Here, I will tell you that I am an adorable little usherette/maid/slut who has loved Rocky ever since I was 15. My good friend Schweppie (Jeff Mace to those of you in the Know) introduced me to it and I have been in love ever since. Alas! I was not able to see my beloved film for 4-FOUR-4 years. Sad ain't it? I quelched my need by going to the 20th but that wasn't enough.

FINALLY, someone felt not only my pain, but the pain of those in the KCMO_KCK area's, and resurrected our Fri-Sat nite ritual!


(on 75th & Neiman in Shawnee)

I WROTE a newsletter. I finally got off my ass and did it, with a little help from my friends. But seeing as no one really wanted to keep putting in the effort besides me I quit. I can't do it allll by myself, (opposed to popular belief). So anyways, our attendance has dropped. Our Rocky will probably be gone after Halloween. But I shall keep my obsession alive. Well that's about all the news for now. See ya round like a record. Jess