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Welcome to Trivia! Since this section was so popular long ago, and it made my site what it is today, I put up Trivia 2!

Now, here are the rules.

Basically, I put up a quesion, and you answer it with the form below. f you were in Trivia last time, you probably remember a "description". Well, this time, there isn't one unless you people REALLY want it.

When you answer, don't use any sort of bad language. You will be kicked out. Here is the scoring.

5 points: Perfect! Must be clear and right.
3 points: Correct answer or close to correct answer, but was not clear.
-2 points: Wrong answer

To see everyone's current scores, click here.

The first person to get 50 points (may change) is the winner and takes home the "prize".

Now, on to the trivia!

How do you get Item Switch in Super Smash Brothers???

Last trivia's answer: GameShark or Win Nintendo's contest

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