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This, my friends, is the best PC game of 1998. In this game, you must build colonies and troops to attack the enemy. You can be one of three species.

  • Terrans -- Human settlers with a high tech arsenal of weaponry, bunkers, tanks and stealth fighters

  • Protoss -- A psionic alien race that combines the battle skills and attitude of Klingons with pylon driven technology

  • Zerg -- Primitive, bug-like aliens that breed and evolve on a carpet of purple puss. What's not to like?

  • One of the main reasons this game is so popular, is because of the multi-player compatibility. You and up to 7 friends can meet up at and battle each other or fight a computer. That's what makes the game so great.

  • Want a demo of StarCraft? Click here!

    YES! In late September, Blizzard and Nintendo are making StarCraft for the Nintendo 64! Woo! Click here for more details!

    Since I'm just trying to get this site up and running, I'll add more StarCraft stuff later!