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Why WCW means "We Copy WWF"

At one time in my life I did like WCW *God, please forgive me*. There are only a few people left in the WCW that I do like, but not that many. Ever since I have opened up this homepage, I have found many connections across the internet on inside stuff within both federations.

    I heard that Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone were both going to sign with the WWF. The WCW heard about this and bought them out.

    I do know that Goldberg is NOT undefeated. He lost 2 dark matches before this "undefeated streak" has happened. He lost one of these matches to Piper and the other one to Mongo.

    I've also noticed that Lenny Lane is going around copying The Rock by doing a leg drop kinda like the People's Elbow. Whatta dumbass!

    I noticed that the week after Steve Austin got arrested by Vince McMahon, that Eric Bischoff got arrested on NITRO (Now I Turn Raw On, Hahaha). Just another great example of WCW copying the WWF.

    Here's a great example of why WCW is so stupid. Not only do their wrestlers copy WWF wrestlers, the WCW fans also copy the WWF fans. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that the WCW fans were copying the WWF fans with the chant of "asshole!"?

    On WCW Thunder on December 3, The Giant called everybody in the crowd, "trailer trash!" That's copied off of The Rock!

    I was watching WCW Nitro one night *forgive me Rock*, and I heard Stevie Ray talking about his "$500 shirt." That's a bunch of BS!

    I just got done watching Monday Shitro's first hour on March 29, 1999 and caught Wrath copying The Rock's finisher of The Rock Bottom as his setup for the Meltdown. Now I realize why Wrath is a jobber.