Waxing FAQs

Waxing FAQs

~~~ What type of payments do you take?

Cash is great, but I can also take all major credit cards.

~~~ Do you do any other services besides waxing? Do you do just trimming or shaving?

The only type of hair removal I do is waxing. I do not do any shaving or trimming services stand-alone. If a client's hair growth is too long for a successful waxing, I will do the most minimal amount of trimming necessary.

~~~ How much does waxing hurt?

Many people are concerned about the pain and I want to assure you that it is not as bad as you might think. It's difficult for me to tell you just how much discomfort you will experience since all of us have different pain thresholds and that can vary significantly in different areas of each person's body as well. Areas you might think would be extremely sensitive are sometimes not nearly as sensitive as ones you would think wouldn't be so.

For example, the most painful area on my body to have waxed is my underarms, especially the very first time I had it done. I have a fairly high pain tolerance too. But this is the only area of my body that really bothers me to have waxed.

I know other people who could fall asleep getting their underarms or bikini lines waxed, but who absolutely cannot tolerate to be waxed around the ankles or have facial waxing done.

Another thing you should understand is that the discomfort is highest the first time that you're waxed and is less and less each time you're waxed thereafter. This is due to the fact that you'll have less hair return each time and the hair that does regrow is finer in texture.

~~~ What areas of the body can be waxed?

98% of the human body can safely be waxed with the Nufree Nudesse product line I use. The only areas that cannot be waxed with Nufree are the majority of the scrotum on males (the sides and bottom can be, just not the center portion) and the labia and a half inch around the labia on females. Also the insides of the nose and ears cannot be waxed.

I do have a hard wax made by Gigi specially formulated for use in the pubic area, and I use this product on these areas which I cannot use the Nufree. This product does have it's drawbacks, as it is much warmer than Nufree and takes more time to use.

~~~ I have heard that waxing can damage my skin.

If the person doing your waxing isn't properly trained or disregards proper procedure, yes. Skin can be removed and bruising can occur. This can be extremely painful, and when the skin is removed there's a risk of infection and permanent scarring as well. Oftentimes people who endeavor to wax themselves with home kits will damage their own skin due to lack of skill and the knowledge on how to perform this procedure safely and successfully.

~~~ Are there any activities that are limited for awhile after a waxing, like swimming, tanning, etc?

No, because of the Nufree Nudesse products that I use, you can shower immediately afterwards, use a hot tub, swim, tan, etc with no restrictions whatsoever. There is very little "aftercare" necessary with these products. See next question for aftercare information.

~~~ But won't the skin be sensitive for awhile after it's waxed?

The skin may feel a bit "stingy" for up to an hour or so immediately following a waxing, and show some irritation in the form of small red spots where hairs have been removed. This is perfectly normal and will clear up fairly quickly. With most people the spots are gone within 24 hours but may last two or three days on those with extremely sensitive skin. (And some people do not show any redness or spots after a waxing at all.)

When I have a client that shows sensitivity after a treatment, I typically send them home with a small packet of Finipil topical cream (also made by Nufree Nudesse with info on their website) and instructions how to use it. Finipil calms and soothes the skin, shrinks the pores, reduces swelling, kills bacteria and microbes, helps eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs, and retards hair regrowth by slowing the development of new hair cells after waxing. For each of my clients comfort, whether they show sensitivity or not, I always apply Finipil to the treated areas as soon as we are finished waxing.

Finipil is also fantastic for use after shaving, especially for those who get razor burn!

~~~ I noticed some slight stickiness in some areas after my waxing. Is that normal and how can I remove it?

Yes, that's perfectly normal. Since Nufree is soy based rather than a wax it washes off fairly easily with warm water and soap on a washcloth. You can do this as soon as you get home or later if you like as it will not have any negative effects if you wait. Nufree CAN stain clothing but the small amount of residue left after a waxing is more likely to collect lint than to stick to your clothes. If you're really concerned about this, I suggest you bring or wear clothing you won't get upset about if they get stained. It's also not unusual for a few pores here and there to bleed for a moment after the hair that belonged inside it is removed during waxing, especially during a first treatment. Again, if you're concerned about staining of your garments, wear something you don't mind the possibility of getting stained.

~~~ Sometimes when I shave I get ingrown hairs. Will this happen after waxing?

Some people will have some ingrown hairs occur when the hair starts growing back in. I advise my clients who think they might have this happen to get a pair of "spa gloves" (scruffy gloves used for exfoliating which can be purchased at beauty supply stores and Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc for about $5.00) and keep them in their shower. As soon as the hair starts to grow back in, do a light exfoliation while in the shower by wetting and soaping up a glove then rubbing it lightly over the skin in circles. (The goal is light exfoliation, not scouring!) Do this a couple of times a week and it will cut down on the ingrown hairs tremendously if not completely. Exfoliating in this manner will help prevent and remove existing ingrowns whether you wax or shave. And this type of exfoliation is very healthy for the skin even if you don't wax or shave. :)

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