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Tv Show Ratings By Me
South Park: *****
Beavis & Butt-Head: *****
Simpsons: *****
King Of The Hill: *****
Beasties: ***
Pokemon: *****
Ren & Stimpy: ****
Rocko's Modern Life: ****
Reboot: ****
Dinosaurs: ****
Dragon Ball: ****
Spider-Man: ***
X-Men: ****
If There Are any TV show's you would like me to rate e-mail me if it's not posted
Nintendo's Best 100 Games Of All Time(N64,Virtual Boy,Game boy,Snes,Nes) By Me
1.Super Mario 64(N64)
2.Zelda:A Link To The Past(Snes)
3.Tetris(Game Boy)
4.Mortal Kombat 4(N64)
5.Super Mario Bros. 3(Nes)
7.Super Metroid(Snes)
8.Final Fantasy III(Snes)
9.Final Fantasy II(Snes)
10.Street Fighter II Turbo(Snes)
11.The Legend Of Zelda(Nes)
12.The Legend Of Zelda:Link's Awakening(Game Boy)
13.Red Alarm(Virtual Boy)
14.Star Fox 64(N64)
15.Super Mario Bros.(Nes)
16.NHL & The NHLPA Present Wayne Gretzky's 3d Hockey 98(N64)
17.Super Mario World(Snes)
18.Virtual Professional Baseball 95(Virtual Boy)
19.Yoshi's Island(Snes)
20.Chrono Trigger(Snes)
21.Mega Man(Nes)
22.Telero Boxer(Virtual Boy)
23.Super Mario RPG(Snes)
25.Donkey Kong Country 3(Snes)
26.Turok:Dinosaur Hunter(N64)
27.WcW VS. nWo:World Tour(N64)
28.International Superstar Soccer 64(N64)
29.NBA JAM(Snes)
30.Tecmo Bowl(Nes)
31.Mike Tyson's Punch Out(Nes)
32.Mario Kart 64(N64)
33.Donkey Kong Country 2:Diddy's Kong Quest(Snes)
34.Metroid II:Return Of Samus(Game Boy)
36.Super Mario Kart(Snes)
37.Zelda II:The Adventures Of Link(Nes)
38.Final Fantasy(Nes)
39.Donkey Kong Country(Snes)
40.Galactic Pinball(Virtual Boy)
41.Secret Of Mana(Snes)
42.Street Fighter II:The World Warrior(Snes)
43.Adventures Of Lolo(Nes)
44.Bomberman 64(N64)
45.Dr. Mario(Game Boy)
46.Contra 3:Alien Wars(Nes)
47.Super Mario Bros. 2(Nes)
48.Mortal Kombat Mythologies:Sub-Zero(N64)
49.Ninga Gaiden 2(Nes)
51.Golf(Game Boy)
53.Mortal Kombat 2(Snes)
54.Killer Instinct Gold(N64)
55.Bionic Commando(Nes)
56.Castlevania IV(Snes)
58.Mega Man X(Snes)
59.Pokemon(Game Boy)
60.Earth Bound(Snes)
61.Maniac Mansion(Nes)
62.Blast Corps(N64)
63.Blaster Master(Nes)
64.Star Tropics(Nes)
65.Earth Worm Jim 2(Snes)
66.Final Fantasy Adventure(Game Boy)
67.Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey(N64)
68.Zombies Ate My Neighbors(Snes)
69.Double Dragon(Nes)
70.Final Fantasy Legend(Game Boy)
71.Super Mario Land 3:Wario Land(Game Boy)
72.Killer Instinct(Snes)
73.Shadow Gate(Nes)
74.RC-Pro AM Racing(Nes)
75.Super Ghouls And Ghosts(Snes)
76.Gradius III(Snes)
77.NBA Live 95(Snes)
78.TMNT IV:Turtles In Time(Snes)
79.Rescue Rangers(Nes)
80.The Magical Quest:Starring Mickey Mouse(Snes)
81.Face Ball 2000(Game boy)
82.Breath Of Fire(Snes)
83.Dragon Warrior IV(Nes)
84.Metal Gear(Nes)
85.Illusion Of Gala(Snes)
87.Goonies II(Nes)
88.Baseball Stars(Nes)
90.Maximum Carnage(Snes)
Demon's Crest(Snes)
92.Ballon Fight(Nes)
94.Gargoyle's Quest(Game Boy)
95.Wario Cruise(Virtual Boy)
96.Bust A Move(Snes)
97.Final Fight(Snes)
98.Mario Tennis(Virtual Boy)
99.Ultima:Quest Of The Avatar(Nes)
100.Alien 3(Snes)
N64 Cheats & Codes
1080 Snowboarding Panda Man: Press right C & A on Rob Haywood Penguin Board: Execute all the moves on the training mode's trick list. Then press down C & A on any guys default board. Ice Man: Beat all EAD scores on trick attack and time attack. Then press left C & A on Akari Hayami. Gold Ice Man: Beat match mode on expert with Ice Man. Then press up C & A on Kensuke Kimachi.
All star baseball 1999 Bigheads: Acces cheat menu and type GOTHELIUM press start then B to get out Thinbody: Acces cheat menu and type PRPPAPLYR press start then B to get out
Aero Gauge Color Change:On the Aeromachine select screen hold R to scroll thru the available paint jobs and press A & Z to lock your choice.
Aerofighters Assault Hidden pilots:Press Left C,bottom C,right C,top C,left C,right C,bottom C On the Main Menu To Activate Mao Mao(He'll also apear if you continue a game three times on the tokyo stage. Beat all bonus stages to get Spanky. Change Colors: highlight a plane and press R rapidly to scroll thru the colors.
Blast Corps Instant demolition: Park your machine beside or in beeteen two house's so the driver can't get out than press and hold Z if your lucky after a few tries the building will come tumbling down this work best with the backlash dump truck.
Bomberman 64 More Multiplayer: Press Start rapidly at the main screen until you hear a tone then go in battle and you'll have 4 new levels.
Clayfighter 63 1/3 Coloring Clay: Press down C to change color Boogerman:Character select screen hold L and press Up,Right,Down,Left,Right,Left Sumo Santa:Character select screen hold L and press A,down C,right C,up C,left C and B Dr. Klin:Character select screen Hold L and press B,left C,up C,right C,down C,A Random Select: Press L & R Taunts: Simultaneously press L,R,A or B Secret Options: Character select screen hold L and press up C,right C,left C down C,B and A. Then go to the option screen and select secret options.
Clayfighter 63 1/3 sculptor's cut Earthworm Jim: Highlight a ? and hold L press B,left C,up C,right C,down C,up C Release L And press R to make him appear Sumo Santa: Highlight a ? hold L press a,right C,A,right C,down C,up C Release L tap R to make Him appear. Boogerman: Highlight a ? hold L press B,B,right C,right C,left C,Right C Release L tap R to make him appear. High Five: Highlight a ? Hold L press up,C,down C,right C,B,A release L tap R
This Is also a sweet Mp3 page.

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