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The Jaguars Den

I see you have made it to my humble abode. Let me welcome you. I am Sasha LeBeu and this.... is my home in the realm of RhyDin.

Hmmm? Whats that? My eyes... oh yes the golden eyes you are not the first to find them so unusual. Correct once more they are very feline, I Monsieur am a Bastet one of the large werecats, a were-jaguar to be exact.

Please sit a spell Its not often I get to talk about Versailles ::with a regal feline grace she eases into a chair crossing a slender leg over the other, her words touched with a definate French accent::

::lifting a slender hand to slide a fly away knee length raven coloured lock behind an oddly pointed ear, before she lifts a glass of rich brandy and then speaking:: France is such a wonderful country so free so romantic and Versailles is no exception. One could almost say I was destined to a certain life, born in April of 1636 I watched the palace of Versailles grow into the splendor of its right. ::leaning back gently in her chair a definate royal aire about her:: The only time in this life I have walked as a human's companion was the many years I freely roamed the halls of Versailles. King Louis XIV had such a taste for exotic animals ::smiles fondly:: So very few knew about me that the stories started very soon after I moved in.

The daytime hours were always spent in jaguar form. Imagine the look of surprise and confusion on house guests and the faces of the staff when they "thought" they saw a massive black beast wandering the Palace chambers and gardens.

So many whispers of the phantom black cat that stalked the Palace. Some feared me others thought me the guardian of the royal family and still others wanted nothing more than to catch a good long glimpse of the "beast" ::soft laughter:: Those days were so enjoyable. A member of the royal "family" who was able to live completely free.

Ahhh but the nights ... the nights were another story. Those are tales that will forever remain etched in my mind. :: a very mischivieous light shines in her eyes:: It seems to me there were whispered rumours of the "Raven Spirit" A Phantom woman wearing either nothing but her flowing dark hair, or the richly tailored silks of the royal family. There was such a stir for so many of the tales spoke of her comings and goings, particularly when the spirit was seen with a gentlemen walking the halls.... though the next morn the gentleman was gone and never seen again. The palace people never could quite agree on the poor men's fates, whether they were happily run off or died in the jaws of some beast. ::shrugs lightly offering a heartwrenching smile::

We may never know... but one thing I will always know is Versailles is my home and always will be even if my body is here in RhyDin.