My Dragons Lairs

In this land of fire between worlds...

You will find the entrances to all of my dragon's lairs.

They love visitors so please visit them all.

Please do not dragon-nap them! They would not like it and I would not like it either so please get your own dragons and don't steal mine. If Lady Dragon sees you dragon-napping she will tell her partner Guardian Dragon Zoayn. Zoayn will tell me unless he is in a bad mood and I will punish you in some way. It may not be a big punishment but it will be punisment just the same.

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These are the portals to my Dragons Lairs. You can now adopt 1 of 48 Silvanian Dragons from me. The Link to the first page is below. Have fun and enjoy! ~Weyrwoman Starlite

The Lairs

Tirean and Twighlight Shadow's Lair
Dragon Nursery
Silver Ice and Star Streak's Lair
The Abandoned Dragons
Shimer's Weyr
My Flits Weyr
This is not my Lair, It is Evala's Weyr
Rustiyania's Dragon Adoption Agency
Adopt One of My Silvanian Dragon Eggs. (It won't be an egg forever so don't worry)
Atres Junior's Lair
Malana's Lair
Xenth's Lair