Music is Like A Woman

Music is like a woman,
It'll make you do things,
That you never thought you'll do.
I'm talking to all men,
Not a chosen few.
It'll make you say things you mean to say.
It'll won't let you lie,
Believe me,
It'll even make you cry.You'll be surprise what you'll do when you listen to music.
Look into a woman's eyes.
Music is like a woman!Find yourself buying things you can't afford,
Spending money you don't have, but you won't care.
Cause in your mind her love is what you wanted to find.
It'll always be there.
The beauty of music is worth every penny,
Music is a wonderful thing,
Send from up above,
It'll make you look for Love.
It'll make you sing... and women.
Women will make you do the same thing.A woman with music on her mind, will stop time.
Believe me,
Eternity will unfold, and Love will begin,
So grab a hold and listen, cause Love has no end.
So... If that perfect woman is for you.
This is what she'll do,
No matter how strong you think you are,
No matter how much pride is in your eyes,
She'll make you say,
"I DO"
and you will surely be surprise,
Cause she can.
Music is like a Woman.

copyright© Larry James "Ajani" Bolin
Published by ® Sabaoth Enterprise
Pictures byAfrican-American Artists I and African-American Artist II

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