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Ryan McGaughey


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Ryan and I (Nic) go back along way in our musical history...all the way, really, we started out on our instruments around 1997, and tried starting several bands until we hooked up with Enrique to form Point Blank, which eventually became Erasing Adam. Ryan plays a Pearl Import set, and I don't know too much about his gear, so I can't get too in depth, but I know he's got a couple nice snares and a good set of cymbols. Besides being rather loud (kidding Ryan, kidding! this way we don't have to mic you!), he's quite creative with his grooves, and luckily enjoys a nice 6/8 groove or two, which is convenient for me since I have recently been finding it very difficult to do much else with my acoustic based songs. When Enrique left the group in September, Ryan sort of went with him, to work as vocalist in Enrique's new group (which I have heard is doing quite well at the moment! I will post a link if they build a website), but he expressed a desire to continue drumming with us, and after hearing a demo, his curiosity was further piqued and now we are listing him again as a full-fledged band member, though without a bass player we can't play live, and thus can't do much with him at the moment...but in time we will sort it out.

Ryan is 21 years old, and he is attending Johnson County Community College. Currently he is working as an electrician (apparently Erasing Adam gigs are not supporting him financially very well). Welcome back into the fold of E.A., Ryan!

Some Aldersgate gig photos of our fab drummer.

Ryan's Yoko-snaring smile! Brian (Foster, who taped this gig) was practically climbing onto the drumset to get this shot...

Ryan in action.