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I dedicate this page in loving memory to my Aunt Sophie and Uncle Cole

Sophia (Cobb) Davis (husband Cole)

Cole and Sophia Davis
Sophia (Cobb) Davis
Cole Davis and son, Arville Dean

This flower before a name indicates that this loved on has gone on to be with the Lord.

C.T. (Cole Thomas) Davis (wife Thelma)- Port Angeles, WA

C.T. Davis
Thelma Davis

Arville Dean Davis (wife Bonnie, then Anne)

Arville Dean Davis
Anne Davis
Maria Davis
Maria and Marta
Marta Davis

CT, Sophia, and Arville Dean
"taken in the backyard in June
when AD was home first time"

Donald Davis (wife Barbara)- Blackwell, OK

Donald and Barbara Davis

  • Gary Lee Davis (wife Ladonna) - Blackwell, OK
      Kisha (step daughter)
      Desiree (step daughter)
  • Tracy Dearl Davis (wife Lisa Ann)- Sedalia, MO
      Haley Dawn Davis

Gary and Ladonna Davis
Tracy and Lisa Davis
Haley Davis

Jackie Dearl Davis

Jimmie Mearl Davis (wife Auverne)- Kirbyville, MO

Jim and Auverne Davis

Note: Jack and Jim are twins

Childhood Pals, Brothers, and "Surrogate" Sister
Jackie and Jimmie Davis
Jackie, Donald, and Jimmie Davis
Donald Davis/Patsy Grant

I need your input

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