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Listed below are branches of the Sasser Tree as it continues to grow

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This flower is in memory of loved ones now deceased

Eli and Mary (Tuttle) Sasser

Unconfirmed that these photos are of Eli Sasser
Please contact me if you can confirm
This could be 3 generations of Sasser
If you know the identities, please contact me

Children of Eli and Mary

John Henry Sasser (married Georgiann)

James D. Sasser (married Nanny Belle)

Bob Sasser (married Viney)

Joe Sasser (married Ada Attaway)

Mary Ann Sasser (married Will Stanley)

Liza Jane Sasser

Nanny Sasser (married Charley Attaway)

Rachel Sasser (married Arthur Stanley then Luther Attaway)

Ely married Alice Attaway

Margaret Elizabeth Sasser (married John Cobb)

Mahala "Haley" Sasser (married Andy Cheek)