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I dedicate this page in loving memory to my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Bill

Lucy Ann Cobb (husband Bill Cobb)

Lucy Cobb
Lucy and daughters
Judy and Betty Lou

Photo dated July 1963 - Left to Right:
Bruce Sample, Judy (Cobb) Garrigus, Lucy Cobb, Doyle Cobb,
Betty Lou (Cobb) Weaver, "Speck" Weaver, Anna Larie Cobb
Lucy Cobb with daughter,
Helen (Cobb) Savage

Now playing: "Peace In The Valley"

This flower before a name indicates that this loved on has gone on to be with the Lord.

Doyle Cobb (wife Florence Valentine "Sis" {Cheshewalla})- Tulsa, OK

Helen (Cobb) Savage (husband Henry Fredrick "Red")

Young Helen and Red
Helen and Red Savage

  • Robert William "Sonny" Savage - Fontana, CA
    • Arllin Woodrow Savage (wife, Dorothy) - Walla Walla, WA
      • Woodrow John Savage
    • Debra Rene (Savage) Johnson - Plano, TX
      • Kaila Rene Lynn Savage
      • Branden Leon Pellegrino
    • Robert William Savage II (wife, Julie Ann) - Richland, WA
      • Heather Michelle Savage
  • Dorothy Anne (Savage) Garber (husband Melvin) - Fontana, CA
  • Karen Sue (Savage) Thompson (husband ?) - Fontana, CA
  • Sharon Kaye (Savage) Giardena (husband ?) - Fontana, CA
  • Darlene Woodette (Savage) Griep (husband Arianda Genn, then Larry Griep)- Artesia NM
    • Valerie Jean Genn
    • Krystal Lynn Griep

    Darlene Griep
    Valerie Jean Genn
    Krystal Lynn Griep

  • Donald Eugene Savage - Artesia NM
Note: Darlene and Donald are twins

Betty Lou (Cobb) Weaver (husband "Speck")- Ponca City, OK
  • Terri Beth (Bartlett) Weinhold (husband Al)
    • Allison Woods
    • Tara (Woods) Summy (husband Johnny)
      • Heaven Lynn Summy
  • Joey Weaver (wife Reabecca)
    • Chasandra "Cassy" Leigh Weaver
  • Lisa (Weaver) Main (husband Kevin)- Ponca City, OK
    • Cody James Main
    • Tayler Rea Main

Bobby Gene Cobb (died age 12)

Judy (Cobb) Garrigus (husband Bruce Sample then Jim Garrigus)
  • Bruce Darin Sample
  • Shelly (Sample) Chamberlain (husband Jim Hidecker, then Bryan Chamberlain)
    • Jacob Hidecker

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