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Special Invitation
Welcome to all our new found Sasser relatives!

I hope you enjoy this trip down our history lane. Stay and visit as long as you want; then please return to the Cobb History page and use the appropriate link to visit the "Official Website for the Odd Cobb Family Reunion". This site is continuously updated for planned events of the upcoming reunion in June 1999. We would so love to have you attend. Click below to visit the "Sasser Sprout" page that is under construction now
Sasser Sprouts

Pat Cooper

There are photos at the bottom of this page that are
not identified. If you know them, please email me - Pat


Charles and Nancy "Nanny" Attaway
with Pete and Nora
Will and Mary Ann Stanley

Joe and Ada Sasser
Charles Wesley and Mahala

Eliza Jane Sasser
Elizabeth (Sasser) Cobb
Rachel Sasser & Robert Sasser

1. Helen (Cobb) Savage d/o Lucy Cobb
2. Nollie (Cobb) Grant d/o John & Liz (Sasser) Cobb
3. Marie (Harmon) Ryan d/o Mahalia (Cobb) Harmon
4. Florene (Womack) Peters d/o Mary Jane (Cobb) Womack
Helen, Marie and Florene are grand daughters of
John and Liz (Sasser) Cobb
1. Sophia (Cobb) Davis, d/o John & Liz (Sasser) Cobb
2. Tom Sasser, s/o Robert Eli & Melvina (Burnett) Sasser
3. Nora Attaway, d/o Charles and "Nanny" (Sasser) Attaway
4. Alberta Womack (family friend)

Cowgirl Rachel Sasser
Rachel and Liza Jane Sasser
Rachel Sasser
Robert Sasser (Liza's son)

Eliza Jane Sasser
This photo of his mother
was given to Dan & Pat Cooper
by Robert Sasser
a few months before his death
Robert Sasser
WWI Uniform
Enscribed on the back:
"for little Robert"
this photo was sent to Joe Sasser
signed "yours truly" and (on back)
"for Joe Sasser my brother,
good bye child"

These photos were provided by Etheda Wallis
Eli Jr. & Alice Sasser
Charlie & Nannie Attaway
Luther & Rachel Attaway
Robert Eli & Eli Jr. Sasser
Nannie Sasser
Nannie & Rachel Sasser
Joseph and Zelva Paralee (Dickerson)
Sasser (Wedding Photo)
Eli Jr and Alice Sasser
Robert E. Sasser
and family
Joseph Wesley Sasser
Joesph Chester "Jody" Sasser
With his wagon, circa 1915

left to right: Mary Magdalene "Maggie" Cheek, Dewey Cheek (front)
Cleveland Cheek (back), Andy Cheek, Mahala (Sasser) Cheek, Daisy Cheek

John and Elizabeth Cobb
with little Nollie and Frank
John and Liz Cobb
Working farm folk

left to right
Nora Attaway
Boyd Stanley
Sophia (Cobb) Davis
either Ethel or Myrtle Stanley
left to right
Sophia (Cobb) Davis
Alberta Womack

The photos below have not been identified.
If you recognize any of them, please email me

The following two photos could be of Eli Sasser
and span 3 generations of Sasser
Following are miscellaneous photos
requiring identification

I need your input

I really would like to hear your comments on this page. Putting guestsbooks on each page became space consuming and difficult. Please use my E-Mail address to comment.


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