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I dedicate this page in loving memory to my Uncle Frank
And you too, Aunt Doxie

Frank Cobb (wife Doxie)

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Frank Cobb and Family
John and Liz Cobb
With little Nollie and Frank
Front: Bobby Joe, Doxie (holding Patty Lynn), Frank
Back: Margret, Walcie, Billy John, Wanda

This small flower beside a name indicates that this loved has gone on to be with the Lord.

Wanda (Cobb) Clinton (husband Earl)- San Manuel, AZ

Wedding Photo
Left to Right
Brigette Damron (Virgil's niece), Rebecca Taylor,
The Bride: Brandi (Damron) Vindiola
Danielle Damron, Steven Taylor and flower girl: Heather Clinton

Walcie (Cobb) Van Winkle (husband R.L.)- Lexington, OK


Gary and Valerie Van Winkle
and girls

Margret (Cobb) Cline (husband Roy)

Margret and Roy Cline

  • Cynthia "Cindy" (Cline) Meier (husband Keith)
    • Jacob Meier
    • TamiJo Meier
  • Tammy (Cline) Hagan (husband Clifford)
    • Billy Hagan
    • Brady Hagan
  • Roy Glen Cline (wife ?)
    • Dakota Cline
    • Roy Glen Cline III

Bobby Joe Cobb (wife, Molly then Jeanette)

  • Randy Lee Cobb (wife Cioto)
    • baby girl
  • Mike Cobb (wife Sharon)
    • Lonnie Cobb
    • Eric Cobb
    • Zackery
  • Ronnie Wayne Cobb
  • Lonnie Glen Cobb (wife Pam)
    • Sarah Cobb
    • B. J. Cobb
Billy John "Butch" Cobb (wife, Sandy) - Poteau, OK
  • Johnny Lee Cobb (wife Sue)
  • Annette (Cobb) Polomore (husband David)
    • Melissa (Polomore) ? (husband ?)
      • Baby girl
    • Peggy Polomore
    • Leslie Polomore
  • Janet (Cobb) White (husband John Wayne)
    • Johnny Frank White
    • Stephanie White
    • Jessie White
    • Elvis White
    • Chasity White

Patricia "Patty" Lynn (Cobb) May (husband David)

  • Michelle (May) Hayes (husband Richard)
    • George Hayes
    • Michael Hayes
    • Elizabeth Hayes
  • Crystal (May) Rivenbark (husband James)
    • J.J. Rivenbark
    • Patrick Rivenbark
    • Steven Rivenbark
  • Amber (May) James (husband Bob)
    • Brian James
    • Linda James
    • Matthew James
  • Robert May

Grandchildren of Patti Lynn - a beautiful living bouquet
Back l-r: George Anthony Hayes, Great "Gran" Doxie, Briana James
Mid l-r: Patrick Rivenbeck, Linda James, baby Elizabeth Patricia Hayes, J.J. Rivenbeck
Front l-r: Michael Lynn Hayes, Steven Rivenbeck, Matthew James

I need your input

I really would like to hear your comments on this page. Putting guestsbooks on each page became space consuming and difficult. Please use my E-Mail address to comment.


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