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July 2, 1998 - Riverport Ampetheatre

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on the concert. Last year I attended the concert on July 2, 1998. It was incredible. I didn't move. {except to maush} I was just in awe. Of course I sang along to every song, It was just incredible. When I saw the CD at the local record store {SLACKERS} I was excited. But then I saw the price. Who thought that memories would be so expensive! But I forked out the money {let's just say more that $40} for the 2cd set and was happy. The CD itself is great. It's A+ quality and you can hear everything. It's completely uncut and uncensored. I also happened to get a poster from the concert that hangs above my bed But didn't get a shirt {they were sold out} The one thing I really remember was the way Eddie was, he was just having fun. I think that's what makes me like Pearl Jam so much. Because when I saw them on stage you could tell that they were having a great time. I want to do that someday. So Eddie if your reading this. Thanks for a great concert, and for changing my life.

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