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Its nice to see you have made it. I started this project long ago. I put it aside for a long time, but am ready to take up the reins again. Eventually I hope to have links to other fantasy sites, both dark sites and some not so dark. It can't rain all the time...In addition, I hope to have a page or so dedicated to the legends and ideas from which our darker fantasies have sprung. And, finally, I hope to have several pages dedicated to the artwork I find so enthralling. Life is an adventure if one is ready to take up the task and explore. Sometimes, however, the darkest, the most frightening, adventures lie within. So come, browse awhile, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Although the images contained herein are considered art, and nothing could be considered pornographic. Most of the subject matter is of an adult nature. Therefore, if you are under 18, take a hike ok. It will save us all alot of hassle.


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