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KSHE Classics Listing

KSHE Classics Listing

Before you begin, BOOKMARK this page now for easy reference later! You will leave this page and get lost, then wish you had bookmarked it!

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Below is a list of as many KSHE Classics I could think of. It is not a complete list. If you know of one that I missed, please e-mail me at By the way, I don't think a complete list exists as there are newer ones all the time.

Also, when I worked in a Schtuff outlet, you may remember it, it was called "Peaches", I was told by a KSHE Rep that songs from the likes of Styx or the Beatles would never be considered KSHE Classics because they are too mainstream, hence their omission from this list.

To find those sites, visit KeyTrax Links to band sites.

One more thing, I thank Sherre for hiring me at the Disc Connection many years ago, for without that experience, I wouldn't have this list. Most of these titles are sometimes available there. Blow her mind! Tell her Steve Lane sent you!

Note, I am attempting to find the best websites for each band listed. Anyone can go to Yahoo! and type in the band name, but then you have to search for the best one. I am doing the searching for you!!

So come back soon and often. And if you find a great site before I have it listed, e-mail me at Thanks!! Enjoy!

When you're done, check out MY band in KeyTrax's Musicians Community by clicking here.

Thanks to Rick Comello...

for suggesting via email that I link to for any bands I didn't have links to yet. Since websites come and go faster than I can keep up with them, I am in the process of updating them. If you click on a name and it doesn't take you to the bands website, you can e-mail me at I will place it on my priority list. In the meantime, many will now take you to where if you type in the name, you'll find something on them. Click here for a streaming audio site that has some of these songs in the playlist.

Classic File Sharing HERE...NOW

Use the following guestbook to enter your email and the classic song you want emailed to you. This is a legal file sharing system of out of print songs between friends, as we all are here, right?
If I don't have the song, maybe one of our other friends will send it!!
Have fun and thanx for visiting!

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This list compiled with the help of fellow music retailer Bill Huggins. Here's to you, Bill, the Best Man, wherever you are!!

My Music Page

A very interesting progressive/classic rock site.

A great lyrics site.

You can LISTEN to several songs listed above in 2 ways! First,

Streaming Classix

is a streaming audio site that has some of these songs in the playlist. They can easily be requested and many times play within an hour.

OR, If the song title is highlighted, click it. e-mail me at if you want to listen to a different song.

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Listen to a future classic.

  • Delirious - Rain Down

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