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Record Store Online Museum

View pictures and information about the TWELVE parties of '12 here

Ballwin, Missouri 1980s

    The WEST Side

    The IN Side

    Our LEADER, Ageless wonder Phred Watts. 30 years passed between these photos. Circa 1984 on the left, June 2014 on the right.

    The CREW


    Joe Monteleone

    Karen Lawson

    Huggins Pashia

    Jewski - Morrison

    Steve Lane

    Morrison meeting Paul Dean of Loverboy

    Jewski - Urankar Halloween

    And The CREW NOW

    Robert Burns and Tom Monti c. 1995

    Fred, Ed Fricker, Steve, Roger Sept 2009

    Joe, Deadbird (Jewski), Ed Fabian, Steve, 11/06/2009

    Steve and Buddy 11/12/09

    At our June 23, 2012 gathering, Tim Bellamy made it from Omaha, NE!! 7 former Peachy pholks turned up for our best showing yet! Here's a good shot of the group, along with Ed and Tim's better looking halfs to add some attractiveness to the group!! Note the Peaches cassette crate on the table by Steve!

    View more pictures of the store here

    View pictures of a current Peaches store in New Orleans, submitted by former Peachite Joe Indelicato!.... here

    Click here to browse thru the memorabilia and don't forget to come back to watch the video below.

    Click here to browse thru the Crew's Memories of their time at Peaches.

    Here's a TV ad for Sound Warehouse I found in my old VHS tapes!! From 1986.

    Below is a tour of the store given by Karen Lawson. Videotaped by Robert Burns. Welcome to Peach-arehouse!

    The store closing on June 29, 1986 (Thanks to Morrison for stating the date in the video. Who knew that would be so important 20 years later!) In order of appearance...Steve Lane, Karen Lawson, Joe Montana...I mean, Tom Monti, Morrison, Jewski, Nathan Galler, Stephanie whatsername, Phred Watts, Donna Ormsbey, and a "cameo" by Robert Burns. Also look for Amy Foster, Rick Baggett, Sue Otto, Karen Uranker, and Nathan's girlfriend in the background (we call them "extras" in the movie industry!).

    In the video below, you order of appearance... Jewski, Morrison, Mark Bruder, Amy Foster, Karen Urankar, Karen Lawson, Rick Baggett, Sue Otto, and Nathan Galler. ...ENJOY!!

    Over the years, we've had several reunions. Some more organized than others.

    View The 1989 Invitation here

    View pictures from the reunion here

    View The 1996 Invitation here

    View pictures from the 10 year reunion here

    View pictures from The 12/12 2010 Celebration here!!

    The Artboard Collection

    FINALLY, Steve still has the 6x6 foot Styx artboard acquired on the last day.

    Steve found one of the other 6x6 foot artboards. This Joe Jackson one a friend of mine has it and I didn't remember I gave it to him until one night in January, 2010, when I was at his house and saw it! (I know, I GAVE it to him. I must have been out of my mind!) In moving it around, at some point, he put a hole in it! At first, I thought it was the one Fred punched in the back room, but after looking at the video we took, that was a Squeeze album board.

    And thanks to Robert Burns for supplying this picture:

  • If you have any images to share, please email them to me and I will upload them here.

Thanks to Fred who came up with all of the in-store (and exterior) pictures here. And to Nathan Galler for preserving the original 1986 tape until I found him and got my own copy in 1995. Finally, to my brother, who helped me convert the tape to a format accepted by YouTube.