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Are Teaming Up!

Big Mac shattered Roger Maris' record of 61 homeruns set 37 years ago
by finishing the season with an astounding 70 homeruns!
He capped off his season by hitting 5 homeruns in his last 3 games against the Montreal Expos

Some of you may have been there to witness history being made, however, most of you weren't.

Become a part of history and at the same time help support
Lithuanian Global Resources!  

Sports Saint Louis Magazine has published a special Mark McGwire Commemorative issue for only $10.00! For each issue ordered, $4.00 goes back back to Lithuanian Global Resources!

Issue 1 - Premire Issue "The Time Is Now. Sports Here? Never Better!" Why its great to be a fan now! Issue 3 - "Too Hot? McGwire at home in the St. Louis Swelter" How the humidity affects his homeruns Issue 4 - Commemorating Mark McGwire and his homerun record season. A poster of #62 and tons of quotes and photos!
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If you have a checking account, you can ORDER your copy right now through I-CHECK, Lithuanian Global's secured check service. Just complete our simple form and we'll create a bank draft drawn on your checking account for $10.00. It's that simple!

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