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Kindergarten Kapers

Kindergarten Information...

We are a very small school system located in Northeast Missouri. We are new at this and just trying it out... We would love to hear from other kindergartens both large and small!

Hello!! Welcome to our classroom!! The first quarter of the year has already passed!! Wow, time flies when we are having fun!! Well...just to catch you up on some of the themes we have studied this is a quick list. We started the year out with a unit on apples. We talked about colors, sizes, and same and different. We even used the apples to paint with and discovered a star hidden in every apple. Our second theme was about the 5 senses. We learned what each of them were by singing our 5 senses song (to the tune of head and shoulders) they loved singing it in hyper speed!! Next we moved on to a unit about living and non-living objects. We learned the 5 characteristics of living things. The next theme we worked on was a favorite so far...BUGS!! We talked about ants, honey bees, spiders, caterpillars, and butterflies. We learned the difference between insects and spiders and how many body parts each had and how many legs!! We then made ant hills and added ants using our fingers and black paint. We also made spider webs and added fingerprint spiders. Finally we made clothespin and tissue paper butterflies!! They turned out very pretty!!!We ended our unit by watching a buggy movie!! From this theme we moved on to fire safety and learned to stop drop and roll along with many other fire safety rules. The last theme we completed was one on the four seasons. We even made leaf rubs the kids thought it was magic!!! Well that brings us up to the unit we are presently on and that is Monsters. We talk about the fact that monsters are not real that they are make believe. We are reading several monster books and making some monster messes!!! (Including carving our pumpkin and cooking the seeds)

In the next month or so we will be discussing Turkeys, Pilgrims, Indians and Thanksgiving. We will be cooking a Feast and dressing up as Pilgrims and far no one has volunteered to be the turkey...but we will see!!! I can't believe it is almost November! This school year is flying by!!! It helps when you have a GREAT group of kiddos to work with!!

We are working on several other concepts in Kindergarten right now too. Some of them include writing the letters Aa-Hh. I have some with beautiful handwriting too!! In Phonics we are working on sound letter recognition and they are picking this up very quick also! In Math we just finished a unit on 2 and 3 dimension objects. The children can pick out any circle, square, triangle, rectangle, sphere, cube, cylinder, or cone that you show them!!! What math Wizards they are!!! In journals we are copying sentences off the board and illustrating them. They beg to do this each day!! Finally in Reading we are working on the words A, My, my, The, the, And, and & I. They are all super readers!!

Well...please stay tuned in to find out what kind of Kapers our Kindergarten class is up to!!! Mrs. Miller's Kindergarten Class!

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