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Katsamust Cattery was established in 1989 in Michigan. My love of cats was the starting point of my search for the "breed". Attending attending Cat Shows, I saw my first Maine Coon Cat and knew this ws the breed I wanted to work with. Research showed that the Maine Coon Cat was a native breed to the United States. This breed of cats known as a "gentle giant" reflects both the large size and wonderful temperment that adapts to any environment. The Maine Coon is slow maturing like unwrapping a package very slowly. Maine Coons mature in 3 - 5 years, so you don't get the whole package until then. The are always kittens, they love to play. Kittens play with their grandparents on any given game.

In 1996, it came time to move to Missouri. Normally, you think of furniture and personal things. My main consideration was how to move the cats. After 3 trips (15 hours) Katsamust survived the move.

My main conern in breeding Maine Coons is health and temperament. What good is a beautiful cat if unhealthy or if you are unable to handle the cat. With every kitten, there is a full health guarantee. I have purchased kittens from all over the United States to broaden the gene pool.

The kittens are raised with my family. They are spoiled before they even leave our home.

I would like to introduce you to my cats.
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