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Ebony Angel's Villa!


Carolyn J Hams



The Daughters of Isis is an Auxiliary for the Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Widows and Sisters of Nobles of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.


        I am a member of Medinah Court #15  In the Desert of Missouri, the Oasis of St. Louis.  The Deputy of the Desert is Daughter Ozella Foster-Robinson of the Oasis of  St Louis .  The Deputy of the Oasis is Daughter Sandra Tolliver.

The Illustrious Commandress for the year of 2002 is Daughter Nathilla Evans .  The Noble Advisor is Noble Kenneth Boykin of Medinah Temple #39.

I am a member of the Dragons, the Creation Unit for Medinah Court #15.  I am the Secretary.  Daughter Marvel Henderson, P.C. is the Captain.


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