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Ebony Angel's Place

Prince Hall Affiliated, F & A.M., Missouri Jurisdiction

Hi People!

My name is Carolyn J Hams and I'd like to welcome you to




I joined the Order in 1981. The Initiation impressed me so much, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Order. With that thought in mind, I joined the Heroines in 1982, the Cyrenes in 1983, the Golden Circle in 1984, and the Daughters in 1985. The Phyllis Chapter came a few years later, it being an International Chapter mostly for learning and research. The teachings of the Order are the most important aspect to me. That is what has made it survive as long as it has, (Something we should all remember). One part says that the first impression is lasting and should be for good. I took that thought to heart. I work on the Initiation teams of the Order of the Eastern Star, Heroines of Jericho, Daughters of Isis, and at times the Golden Circle.

Won't you please take a moment and sign my Dreambook? It would give me so much joy to know that you were here.

Also, stop by Ebony Angel's Chambers, sign in and join the discussions.

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Sign my Dreambook!
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