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Jason's 1997 Christmas Creation(Enjoy!!!!!)

Scroll to the bottom to see the best top ten list that was sent in!!!

Top Ten Reasons Why Christmas is the Best Holiday:

This list comes to us all the way from Aaron Millar's hometown of Ortonville, MI

Top Ten Reasons Why Not To Invite Great Uncle Edgar to The Family's Christmas Dinner:

1. Tired of the floaties in the eggnog

2. Kids play hide Uncle Edgars hearing aid

3. Prosthetic penis keeps going off at the table

4. Always does the "dentures biting Aunt Sue on the butt" trick

5. Drools in the gravy

6. He always seems to forget his gas pills

7. Can't let him get too close to the microwave, or else he'll have a heart attack

8. When he gets drunk he likes to make snow angels,"naked"

9. The dog always pees on his leg when he's sleeping

10. Every thirty minutes, he forgets who he is and starts running around the table barking and yodeling

Thanks to all of those people who sent me top ten lists!!!!



Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear at the Thanksgiving Table

10. I got you're stuffing right here grandma!

9. I peed in the yams

8. Grandpa's eyes are in the gravy again

7. Put that turkey carver down and step away from the table

6. That's vegan turkey

5. That's a big float in the parade...Oh, sorry grandma

4. Bring out the gimp! <----(my personal favorite)

3. We got the turkey for half price cuz we got it at the power plant

2. Save room for giblet shakes!

1. Mmm-bop!!!

Once again, thanks for all the entries, and Hanson blows.

Click on the files below for some Christmas songs (In MIDI Format)

The Nutcracker Suite

Deck the Halls

Silent Night

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Ave Maria

Little Drummer Boy

O Come All Ye Faithful

Silver Bells

Holly Jolly Christmas

The Christmas Song

O' Christmas Tree

I hope everybody has a fun Christmas this year. Don't forget to get real drunk and loud at Christmas parties. Don't forget to pass out under the tree Christmas Eve!!!!!

This page is dedicated to my parents, who have given me 20 of the best Christmas's (soon to be 21 Christmas's) anybody could ever have.

Thanks mom and dad.

E-mail me with any comments you have, or any Christmas stories you want to share.

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