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Welcome to Dream Castle

Beginning Now I am not usually on the chat during the day mainly at night so on Tuesday through friday come on the chat 6pm central on Saturday come on at about 11pm central and on sunday come online at 8pm central

Hello! Welcome to "Dream Castle" soap created by: Baby Lickety Split (That's me!) Now please be patient with me since this my first attempt at a webpage. Please be patient, this page will rule soon. So watch out!) Well now that we're been introduced, Let's get one thing straight. These Story ideas are mine. Got that. Im not trying to be mean or anything. I just you rather not say that these stories are your cuz they're not, K?

Ya Got that? If you want other people to see these great stories, Just link up to my page and let the people see for themselves and not try to re-write anything that's on this page. Now that that's all over with Onto the stars of the show!!!


Baby Lickety Split: A very nice girl who is very sensitive so don't yell at her because she'll cry.

Lickety Split: She is Baby Lickety Split's mom, she can be nice but she sometimes has an attitude problem. Maybe mood swings!

Steamer: Lickety Split's husband is very nice but if you ever harm or threaten her he will get very angry and you might be very sore for a few days. But if your a girl and you did the same thing he won't hurt you he will only yell at you.

Baby Blaze: He is Baby Lickety Split's boyfriend and he really loves her because she's nice and pretty.

Sparkler: She is Lickety Split's best friend and she really loves Baby Lickety Split because she's very cute and makes Sparkler laugh.

Baby Galaxy: Baby Lickety Split's sister she loves bls very much and they have lots of fun together playing games and swimming and dancing ballet.Baby Galaxy is a baby pony dancer as well she is a little bit less newer than bs.

Galaxy: Lickety Split's sister they have lots of fun together all the time doing ballet and swimming.

MoonJumper: Daughter of Baby Lickety Split how well she wanted to be adult and have a family so she's adult and has 2 kids Baby MoonJumper and Baby Midnight and her husband Midnight.

Midnight: Husband to MoonJumper and loves his 2 kids Baby MoonJumper and Baby Midnight her really loves his family.

High Queen Tiffany: Loves all ponies and is very nice is friends with Baby Lickety Split and loves her sisters the princesses.

Princess Royal Blue: Really loves her sisters including High Queen Tiffany.

Princess Sparkle: Really loves all her sisters especially High Queen Tiffany and as for her tree spell she really never intended for HQT to get hit with the tree she just got there right on time PS now uses her tree spell in the morning when HQT is asleep and she doesn't make the trees to tall either shes doing this because she loves her sister High Queen Tiffany and shes sorry that tiffany got hit with the spell 5 times but wont happen again.

Princess Baby Riven: Daughter of the lovely Queen Majesty she is very nice and likes to play.Princess Baby Riven is a baby pony dancer to she loves it.

Queen Majesty: Loving mother of princess Baby Riven and queen of Dream Castle.

Unicorn: Is a great flier she enjoys flying in the beautiful blue skies, and she like the babies and everybody who is nice to her.

Baby Clover: A very cute and wonderful baby pony she likes anybody who is nice to her. If you are mean to her she won't like you unless you apologize.She is a baby pony dancer to.

Baby Lofty: Baby Daughter of Lofty she use to have trouble flying but her mommy helped her and because she helped her daughter fly she flies as good as her mommy and that is 100% good.Baby Lofty is a baby pony dancer.

Baby Moondancer: She is a great ballerina does everything 100% and she is the one that taught Baby Lickety Split how to do ballet and thats why she is so good at it. BLS loves baby moondancer for it and therefore they are great friends.She is a baby pony dancer to.

Buttons: She is a very nice pony she is the baby ponies ballet teacher and she loves her students especially her own special student her daughter Baby Buttons.She is very nice to her students and if some of them fall during practice she will gladly pick you up and you can get back to your practicing and she wont ever be mad.

Baby Buttons: Baby Buttons is a great ballerina and her mother Buttons loves her very much and her ballet steps she does them beautifully her mother has taught her well. baby buttons loves everybody.She is also a baby pony dancer

BabyWiggles: Twin brother of Baby Lickety Split he loves her very much and would risk his own life to save his baby sister.

BabyStargaze: She loves ballet but she is a bad dancer not because she doesn't try hard she does its just that she has all the bad luck. Baby Lickety Split is her cousin and she will get baby stargaze to dance just as good as her what are cousins for. They like eachother of course.

Lancer: He is mainly nice but he is only mean to one pony and one pony only and her name is Rocky.

Posey: She loves to work and plant flowers in her garden and she is a very nice filly but she isnt when Rocky is around she enjoys putting in incredible pain and really loves to give her a black eye and a limp. Youll know why she gets limps when i make newer stories hehehe LOL.

Rocky: A very ditzy and stupid pony she is nice to almost everybody except Posey you'd think by now she would have learned her lesson never mess with a pony when she is working in her garden i see a limp coming hehehehe LOL.Maybe some red punch.

BabyPosey: Posey's little daughter she does what her mommy does she helps her mommy in the garden and loves it and loves to smell the flowers she hates Rocky because she acts weird and wont leave her mommy alone. hehehehe. maybe baby posey and her mommy will team up on Rocky.Baby Posey is a baby pony dancer as well and she loves every minute of it. Rocky Whatever.

BabySundance: She is one of the Baby Pony Dancers and she is so darling just like the other baby pony dancers but they think babyStargaze looks a little better there not jelous they just think she looks a little better. BabySundance loves nice ponies.

CoolBreeze: She is a very nice windy wing pony and she is friends with Baby Lickety Split.

Megan: She is the ponies caretaker and she loves to play with the ponies and comb there beautiful hair.

Mimic: She is a very pretty Unicorn she has twinkly eyes that sparkle and she has 4 golden horseshoes she wears them so that she wont get sick like she did last time.

SunDrop: Very pretty unicorn she is very nice and cares about all the ponies and loves them all and she wants all the ponies to be safe from danger.

Night Glider: A wonderful little pony she likes everybody and is a very nice pony and if your hurt or just need someone to talk to she'll be glad to help or talk to you.

Queen Sugarberry: Sugarberry is queen of the flutter ponies. Rosedust is the high queen of flutter valley now so because of the high position of royalty given to rosedust rosedust chose Sugarberry to be the new queen of the flutter ponies.

Princess Baby Love: Such a pretty little baby she is. She loves to be nice to everybody she meets and she is lovable as well and she easily blushes when you say nice things about her. She looks like her mother as well. Very pretty.

I got Dream Castle No. 8 up!!! Go here

Dream Castle the soap and the stories are Copyrighted and owned by Dream Castle Productions, Inc.

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