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Chapter 92

Bo watches as Hope talks on the phone with Shawn-D. He watches her laugh and smile as she and her son talk about what is happening. Hope had know idea that Bo was watching her, she thought he went out to run some police duties before they returned home. She hung up the phone after her and Shawn-D were done talking. She sat looking outside through the open door, it was one of the most beautiful days she had seen in quite awhile. She sat in her chair not even realizing Bo was still in the room staring out into the sunshine.

Bo- Hope.

Hope turned around in her chair to see Bo staring at her. She smiled as he looked at her as if something was wrong. He stood looking at her as she wanted to know what was going on.

Hope- When did you get back?.. What are you looking at?

Bo smiled at Hope and then walked towards her. She didnít move in her seat, she just sat watching Bo walk towards her. He stood above her as she wondered what he was doing. He knelt down on one knee before Hope could realize what was going on, he had already had the ring box in his hand. Tears came right to Hopeís eyes as she realized Bo was proposing marriage to her.

Bo- Hope I have love you for as long as I can remember. Our love has been through everything possible. We have fought to be together for the longest time. People have worked against us for years to make sure we donít end up with each other. Stefano, Ernesto, Gina, Larry, Megan, Billie, Tania they all have tried to make sure we werenít happy with each other.

Hope had tears running down her face as Bo told her how much he meant to her, how much they have fought through to get where they are now.

Bo- I know in my heart we are meant to be, God wanted this to happen. He wanted us to find each other, he wanted us to be right here, right now. He wanted me to do this, he wants us to be happy, he wants us to be together... Hope what Iím trying to get at is, I want.... Hope Willaims Brady, will you marry me, again?

Bo slid the ring on Hopeís finger. Tears rolled down her face as she looked into Boís eyes. She knew everything he said was right. He was right about everything. It was time they moved on, time they got married and finished what they started years ago, live happily ever after.

Hope- Yes, Bo. Yes I will marry you.

Bo and Hope through each other into each others arms. Bo picked up Hope into his arms and carried her over to the bed. He laid her down and started to kiss her passionately.


Marlena stood in the room Stefano said she could stay in. She stood in the middle of the room wondering why she was there. She wondered how she got from driving to forget his problems about Isabella to staying in a house with Stefano Dimera and there child. She stood realizing what was happening. Marlena thought that after Bo and her found John alive on Stefanoís island that their lives would go back to normal, that they could live out their lives happily. First Isabella returned, Stefano kidnapped Belle and was freed from jail because of it, and now she found out she had a child with Stefano. This was worse than any other kind of kidnapping or imprisonment Stefano had put her through, this time she had to stay with them. She felt like she needed too, she felt in her heart like she needed to stay with her son as much as she hated Stefano.

Marlena started to cry thinking of how John was going to deal with all of this. She sat down on the bed in the room and had tears running down her face. She put her head in her pillow and started to cry as someone walked into her room. The person touched her shoulder as she cried, she thought right away it was Stefano. She crawled over to the other side of the bed with her face from the person in her room.

Marlena- Get out, Stefano!

Marlena wiped the tears from her eyes and turned around. She held in her breath and tears as she saw Daniel staring back at her with a look of sadness in his eyes. She stared at him as if he was an angel, an angel that would help her in her time of need. Marlena slowly let out a small breath and then a tiny smile to her son as he smiled back at her.


Stefano sat down in his cell phone in his hand. He held the cell phone with one hand and his drink in the other. He was on the phone telling Rolfe all about what happened with Daniel and Marlena.

Stefano- And on top of all of this I got a call a few moments ago telling me John, Kristen and Philomena were headed to Paris looking for Marlena.

Rolfe- Maybe with Kristenís help you can turn this around.

Stefano- I have an idea, but I will need Kristenís help as Isabella. She will need to prey on Johnís emotions for Isabella and learn to let Marlena go.

Rolfe- How are you going to do that?

Stefano smiled a devious smile as he thought of something. He told Rolfe he would call his back later. He put his phone down and called for a maid. The maid ran into the room as Stefano barked orders to her. He told her to get the car that him, Marlena and Daniel were going out for a night on the town. As the maid went to get the driver Stefano looked into a picture of him, Daniel and Marlena that was taken just after Daniel was born.

Stefano to himself- Soon all my plans for the people of Salem will start to fall into place and this time not even John Black or any of the Bradys will stop me.


John, Kristen and Philomena all walked off the plane and hailed a waiting cab. They all jumped in not knowing where to start. The driver drove around Paris thinking they might see someone that could help them or even Marlena or Stefano. All three of them saw a large street party was going on. The cab driver stopped as close to the party as he could. When they got out all they could hear was music and people screaming and yelling. It was one of Parisís annual street parties. Kristen and Philomena wanted to rest and get a room both for different reasons. Kristen wanted to slow down the process of John finding Marlena and Philomena wanted to explain to John why Marlena came to Paris with Stefano before he found out for himself.

John stopped at a local cafe showing a picture of Marlena and asking people if they saw her. Kristen stood by the door as Philomena stood with John as he asked more locals about Marlena. Kristen watched the outdoor festivities and something caught her eye. Kristen walked over to John and Philomena, she convinced them that they needed to check out other places and stop wasting time at one cafe. They all thought that was best before John could suggest that they all separate to look they were surrounded by people. The party crowd was moving over to another part of the city. Kristen held onto John as Philomena almost got swept away with the crowd.

The threesome brushed themselves off and start to walk forwards but soon were stopped dead in their tracks. They stood face to face with Daniel, Marlena and Stefano. Daniel and Marlena were laughing when they came face to face with Kristen, John and Philomena, they stopped right away. All six people froze in shock, except Kristen and Stefano. Kristen smiled at Stefano who stood with wink for her. Finally they all met up and all the secrets of the past were going to be revealed and all hell was going to break loose.

--- The End---

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