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Chapter 91

After Bo and Hope stayed a night in the hospital getting treatment for all that has happened to them, they left the next day to head back home. Roman and Abe stayed behind to finish up the police report on what happened. The police in New York continued to search for Tania who was still at large for many charges that were going to be brought on her. After the police got statements from both Bo and Hope, Bo rented a car to drive back to Salem with Hope.

After a few hours on the road, they decided to rest somewhere. They stopped at a small Inn just outside of the highway they were driving on. The person who owned the Inn gave them the honeymoon suite. After checking in, they both decided that they wanted to have a swim. Both Bo and Hope went into the pool. As they were alone they decided to play around a little. Bo splashed water on Hope, as Hope tried to playfully drowned Bo in the water. The two played for hours as well as hold each other and swim around. After they were done swimming, they laid with each other in the sun talking about all what had happened the last few months. Hope talked about the baby and what Tania did to it and her. Bo told Hope about what Tania, Larry and David did to him in the cell under the sanitarium. Both were just happy that all their troubles were behind them and they could finally move on with their lives.

When they finished talking they walked around the Inn and saw a restaurant near by. They walked over and ordered dinner to go. They decided that they had spent way too much time apart and wanted to eat together, alone in their room. After they finished their meal they spent the next night and several hours talking with each other. They made love for the first time since the night they conceived the baby that died. Both Bo and Hope loved each other now more than they could ever imagine. They thought that they had passed every challenge that evil could through at them. They finally thought that next was the goods, the peaceful times. Hope and Bo prayed together that God would give them peace and happiness for the rest of their lives, but that isnít what will be in the cards. Bo and Hope would have to face the biggest challenge of their lives.


Philomena sat in the back of Johnís car listening to Kristen tell John what she saw at the airport. Kristen had arrived at the penthouse moments before Philomena could tell John the entire truth. Kristen told John that she saw Marlena get onto a plane with Stefano and it take off to Paris, France. As John drove and listened to Kristen, he also continued to try Marlenaís cell phone, which wasnít working because she was too far away.

They pulled up into the airport which Stefanoís jet took off from hours ago. John jumped out and ran to see what happened with Marlena and Stefano. As he ran Kristen smiled as Philomena watched her intently. Philomena dismissed the smile for something as the two women followed John into the terminal. As they walked in John was talking to someone who watched what happened.

Man- I saw the women you were talking about getting into the Dimera jet. She boarder with Mr. Dimera and a teenager. I think they were headed to Paris, but Iím not sure.

John- Did it seem like she was forced into going?

Man- Not at all, in fact she ran out onto the airstrip looking for the Dimera jet. When she found it she boarded it and it left moments later.

John- Is there a way to contact the jet?

Man- No, thereís not. Its a private jet, only the plane can contact us. Plus if they went to Paris they should have landed a few moments ago if they were on schedule.

John- Thanks...

The man walked off as John stood wondering what was going on. He knew Marlena wouldnít go anywhere with Stefano if she didnít have too. He knew something was up and he needed to know right away. He walked over to a waiting Kristen and Philomena.

Kristen- What did he say?

John- Marlena left willingly with Stefano heading to Paris. I think something is up so Iím going to fuel the Alamain jet and go over to Paris right now.

Kristen and Philomena stood shocked by Johnís reaction. Kristen frowned as she knew John was going just to get Marlena back.

Kristen- I want to go too.

John- No, Izzy-B you stay here in Salem.

Kristen- No John, this could be serious and I want to come with you.

Philomena- Than Iím coming too.

John- Fine, then we all better hurry up and get ready.

John went to go get his plane already as the women went to the washroom to get ready to go to Paris. They would just buy clothing and what they needed in Paris for their trip. Philomena knew that she needed to be there for her son when he found out the truth. Kristen knew being Isabella would help alot because if Marlena ran off with Stefano, she could finally make her move back into Johnís life.

As the women got ready, John boarded the plane and waited. He thought that he needed to find Marlena and find out what was going on. John knew something was wrong and he didnít know how wrong things were and how terribly wrong things were going to get.


Marlena and Stefano spent hours going over what happened and how Daniel came to be. He told her, his way the story went. Stefano told Marlena that he found her after she woke-up from the coma and that she had amnesia. She learned how to get what she wants with sex, so one night she seduced him into making love to her. Because of that she became pregnant with his child. After they spent nine months on his island she delivered a healthy baby boy, Daniel Dimera. After a few years of raising the baby her memory started to return to her. Stefano told her that he thought that she could do harm to the baby if her memory was returning, so he sent her back to Salem by leaving her to wake-up from another coma in San Cristabol.

Marlena had no choice but to believe the story he told her, it was the only story that made sense to her. As they talked Stefano made sure Daniel couldnít hear any of it and made him listen to music as they talked. As much as she hated Stefano for all he did to her now, in the past and all the damage it was sure to do in the future, she never hated a person so much as she did right now. Not only did she hate him, she was disgusted by him.

As the plane landed Marlena wanted to use the phone to call John and tell him where she was but his cell phone was not working because he was flying too. She was scared that Stefano would kidnap her so she kept a low profile around his people. Daniel, Stefano and Marlena all got into Stefanoís waiting limo and headed to his house out in the country. Daniel would look up from his magazines at Marlena once or twice as she would smile a tearful smile back. She looked out the window behind her as they drove towards the house. She knew her life was forever changed and she didnít know if her and Johnís love was strong enough to fight through it.

--- The End---

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