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Chapter 90

Stefano tried to catch Marlena as she falls to the ground. He bends down and picks her up in his arms. He walks into the main part of the plane where Daniel is sitting.

Daniel- What happened?

Stefano tells his son to put Marlena into a seat and put a belt on her. Daniel follows his fatherís orders as Stefano goes to talk with the pilot. Stefano tells the pilot that its ok to take off now, Marlena is coming with them to Paris and everything is fine. The pilot agrees and goes to start the plane. Stefano returns to the passenger section of the jet and sits down. He makes sure Marlenaís belt is on properly for a pregnant women. He then puts on his own belt as the plane starts to move down the runway.

Daniel stars at Marlena who is still unconscious as Stefano checks her out. He takes her pulse and makes sure she is in no impending danger. As the plane takes off into the air, Stefano looks out the window down on Salem as they fly into the sky.

Stefano- Everything has changed!

As the plane takes off into the air a women stands in the parking lot watching the plane fly into the sky. Kristen turns around with a smile on her face. She puts his fist in her hand as she realizes Marlena went with Stefano to Paris.

Kristen- I donít know how you did it, father. But now I have the prefect opportunity to make John mine, forever....

Kristen stands giving an evil look as the plane carrying Daniel, Stefano and Marlena canít be seen anymore.


John and Belle stand outside on the balcony looking outside. They laugh and talk as Philomena knocks on the door. Belle goes to answer it, because she is leaving anyways. She opens it to see her Grandmother standing there. A tear falls from Philomenaís eye as she sees Belle and as Belle jumps into her arms. The two women hug as Belle kisses both family members good-bye. Belle closes the door behind her as Philomena walks into the penthouse.

Philomena- Hi, Forest. How are you?

John- Iím good, but remember my name is John, not Forest. Ok?

Philomena- Sorry, I guess it will take some getting used to.

John- This is hard for everyone.

Philomena- Are we talking about me and you, or Isabella returning?

John- Both I guess... So you have been talking with Marlena?

Philomena- Yeah, she is taking it pretty hard, with reason.

John- Its hard for everyone, but she has nothing to worry about, I love her and she knows that.

Philomena- I told her that, but still its difficult for everyone... But John thereís something you need to know.

John- What is it?

Philomena- Something has happened, something that will change all our lives forever.

John stands wondering what his mother is talking as Philomena stands ready to tell John that Marlena left town with Stefano Dimera.


Daniel take off his seat belt and walks over to Marlenaís seat. He sits beside her as Stefano watches them both and grabs himself a drink of brandy. Daniel lifts his motherís head up as she starts to come too. He lets go as she pulls away because she thinks its Stefano helping her. She freezes when she sees its Daniel Dimera helping her. Daniel stands up as Marlena starts to shift over. Stefano sits down on the other side of the plane as Marlena and Daniel face off for the first time.

Daniel- Are you ok?

Marlena- Yes, I just fainted... Are we in the air?

Stefano- Yes, we are headed to Paris, France.

Marlena- What? When did we take off?

Stefano- We took off when you were out cold. I thought you wouldnít mind, you can travel up to your third trimester.

Marlena realizes her mistake of asking. She knew Stefano was up to her old tricks. But this time he wasnít exactly kidnapping her just playing mind games. All three people looked at each other as the plane continue to journey to Paris. Marlena and Stefano walked to the other side of the plane so Daniel couldnít hear them.

Marlena- You have alot of explain to me, I need to know everything and I mean everything.

Stefano smiled at Marlena who stood in a total daze of how the last few hours have panned out in her life. Her past was coming back to haunt her and it was going to affect her future more than she could ever imagine.


The cabin in the woods of New York was burning and flames were coming from the outside of the walls. As the gunshots stopped screams were heard from the inside as Roman Brady and Abe Carver ran up to the scene. They both looked shocked as they heard Hope and another women screaming for help. Roman and Abe stood outside of the cabin with their guns out as someone ran out the door. Larry Welch ran through the fire and out the door and right into Abe and Roman. They held their guns on him as he coughed out smoke and held his arm. A gunshot hit his arm as shots were fired. Abe made Larry get down and put his hands over his head as Roman went into the cabin looking for anyone else.

Bo lay on the ground in the cabin as Hope crawled over to him. Taniaís body started to move as Roman entered the cabin. Hope reached Bo who was out cold.

Roman- Bo! Hope!

As Hope heard Romanís voice she collapsed into Boís lifeless body. Roman looked around and saw a body. He dropped his gun and pulled out a body to the open area where Abe was. As he pulled the body out he realized the person was dead. Roman fell to the ground and took the personís pulse. The body had no pulse, the person was dead. Larry saw it was Davidís body and knew he must have died from all the smoke and from hitting his head.

Roman ran back into the burning cabin as it started to crumble. He looked around for Bo and Hope but didnít see anyone. Roman couldnít take the smoke anymore, just as he was about to go outside again he heard his little brothers voice calling for him. Roman looked where he thought he heard the voice and saw Bo with Hope laid out on top of him.

Roman- Bo!

Roman grabbed Boís arm and helped him to his feet. Bo grabbed Hopeís body and carried her in his arms outside. As the three of them got outside a small explosion sent them all jumping into the air. Bo lay on the ground with Hope in his arms as he checked for a pulse. She was still alive, just unconscious from all the smoke.

Abe watched as Bo tried to wake-up Hope. Something caught his eye as he watched Bo, he looked out into the distance and saw Tania looking at them. Abe tried to go but was stopped by Larry who was fighting to get free.

Abe- Tania is getting away...

Roman- Forget her, the New York police will catch her... Bo is she ok?

Bo finally got Hope to wake-up. She coughed up alot of smoke. Bo hugged her as he realized that she was going to be ok. As Roman and Abe read Larry his rights, some New York police officers arrived to help out. They checked out David and put some handcuffs on Larry. Some of the officers went to search the woods for Tania who had gotten away. Abe talked with the some of the cops as Roman went over to make sure Bo and Hope were going to be ok until they got to the hospital.

Roman- Are you both ok?

Bo- Yeah, just tired and sore.... Weíve both been through alot.

Roman- What the hell happened anyways?

Hope- Its a long story, Roman. We will tell you as soon as we get out of here.

Bo helped Hope to her feet as Roman went over to talk with Abe and the other cops. Bo looked at Hope who was very dirty and sore, as was Bo. Bo smiled at her as she smiled back at him.

Bo- Its over, this entire nightmare is over....

Hope- Is it really, Bo?

Bo- Yes, its over!

Bo picked up Hope in his arms. They held each other as hard as they could for all they were worth. Finally both of them were going to be all right, they both thought that finally this nightmare was over. Bo let her down and took her hand and lead her off to go get checked out by the police and paramedics.


Tania who got away from Abe and the rest of the cops hide in a small cubbyhole in the side of a cave. She watched as the cops walked right by her, missing her from just inches. She smiled as she stepped out from her spot to see if anyone was nearby. She brushed herself off and watched from afar as Bo and Hope held each other.

Tania- Its not over yet, Hope. I will have my revenge on you, Bo, and all the people you hold dear.... Trust me Hope, this is far from over, this journey has just began.

Tania smiled as she thought of what she would do next to Bo and Hope; and all the pain it would cause them. She looked around to make sure knowone was nearby and then ran off into the woods hoping to find a way out without being caught.

---The End---

Chapter 91
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