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Chapter 9

Laura and Marlena sat down at a table at the Java cafe. They had went straight over there from the office. Laura was talking about Jenn and Jack on the way over but Marlena was not listening or paying attention. Laura was getting mad at her for ignoring her.

Laura- Marlena! Wake-up. What is it?

Marlena- Sorry, its just Iím worried.

Laura- Ok, back at the office we figured out that it was something to do with John and Stefano. So tell me what is it?

Marlena- I think John is going to research his past again.

Laura- So? You knew he was going to do it again sometime.

Marlena- I now, but I donít want to lose him.

Laura- You wonít.... Bo and Hope are going through the same thing you and John did. Now look at the two you of, married, kids, and happy lives.

Marlena- I know, thatís the problem. If John goes back into his past he might destroy it.

Laura- Who?

Marlena- Stefano. He might try to stop John.

Laura- Marlena, look at what the two of you have been through. You have beat Stefano at every single problem he has thrown at you both. What makes you so sure you canít beat him again this time?

Marlena- Because, just because. I donít want to even have the feeling of even coming close to losing John again.

Laura- And you should not have too. If you stay with him and help him, you will beat it and maybe not feel that sense of lose.

Marlena- I guess your right. It just I want Stefano out of our lives forever.

Laura- Donít we all.

Marlena and Laura sat there with haft smiles on their faces.


John stared at Jimmy waiting for him to tell him the answers he wanted.

John- Well whoís blood is it?

Jimmy- Well I looked at each of the files you gave me on the people. There is a match. Iím 99% sure.

John- So thatís good.

Jimmy- Very good.

John- Ok, so whoís blood is it?

Jimmy- Well I had to look at each one a number of times. Now none of them are related, am I right?

John- Yes, none of them by bloodlines are related.

Jimmy- Ok, well now its very odd because Hope Willaims and Gina Von Umbreg have alot of the same genetic codes and traits. Its like they are twins or clones of each other.

John- You could say that.

Jimmy- Ok, well first off Hope Willaims blood is not found on the cloth because her blood is not the type on there. Stefano Dimera, Gina Von Umbreg, and Kurt Shingglue all have the same type of blood. But Gina Von Umbreg has a negative type. Mr. Dimera and Mr. Shingglue both have positive type blood.

John- Ok, so its not Ginaís or Hopeís?

Jimmy- Correct. Then that leaves us with the two of them. Now I had to do several tests to make sure that it was whom I assumed it was.

John- Well whoís was it?

Jimmy- It was 99% Stefano Dimeraís. Which means by your standards that he must have been in Paris with Hope Willaims, like you assumed.

John- I knew it. Stefano was there.

Jimmy- So, now what. Do you want me to send this to the police department?

John- No, I am going to go over there any ways. I will bring all the info with me.

Jimmy and John shake hands and thank each other for the results and help. John left and headed over to the police station.


Mr. Sistalano sat alone in his chair of the motel. He sat there thinking of his plans for the rest of the night. His phone rang. He answered it. Bart called. He wanted to talk with him about Stefanoís plans and how they are going.

Bart- How is everything going on your end?

Mr. Sistalano- Perfect! He is out right now, completing phase one. He should be back soon to report in.

Bart- Good. We donít want another accident happening like in Paris.

Mr. Sistalano- Iím sorry, my men messed up. Iím working on this case myself.

Bart- I know. Now has anyone seen you yet?

Mr. Sistalano- No, not yet. I donít plan on being seen until everything settles down with Miss Brady, and the rest of them.

Bart- Thatís a good idea. Now Mr. Dimera has a few more plans for the people of Salem. He is sending a package for you. It has all the info for you to see and study.

Mr. Sistalano- Ok, well I will do that... As for people seeing me, donít worry about it. I will make sure knowone figures out that Iím in Salem, and if they do. They wonít live to tell about it.


After Kayla fell into the river, the man ran to the nearest phone. He called 911. An ambulance arrived as the man took off. He hide behind a small wooden box so knowone can see him. The people grabbed Kayla from the river. She was still alive. She was bleeding from the head and her body was lifeless. The people put her in the ambulance and took off to the hospital. Some police officers stayed behind to see if they had any clues to what happened. The man that was hiding had left when the ambulance did with Kayla. The men called the station to tell Abe that it was Bo Bradyís sister who was in the accident tonight.


Bo and Hope had settled down after there big day. Hope was still kind of giddy, and excited about the wedding. Her and Bo laid in Mrs. Hortonís back yard watching the stars in the sky. She held him tight as he watched her watch the sky. They talked for hours about their wedding plans, Shawn-D, and all kinds of other things. He still was worried why she could not remember her last few months.

Bo- I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope- I love you too, Brady.

They kissed under the stars. But they were interrupted by Boís cell phone ringing. Hope begged him to turn it off. But he said after that call he would. He answered the phone.

Bo- Brady?...Yeah, why?... What? Your joking?...Ok, I will be other there right away.

Hope gave a worried look to Bo. Her and Bo stood up and she grabbed his arm.

Hope- Whatís going on?

Bo- Its Kayla, she had an accident. Its really, bad.

Hope gasped. She told him that they would go together to the hospital. They ran out the backyard as the stars were fading into the night.

---The End---

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