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Chapter 89

Philomena sat in the back seat of another cab. She was headed back into Salem after what happened at the airport. She knew she couldnít do anything there, but she could help John when he would need her the most. She sat with tears running down her face, she thought that Marlena would be now either remembering everything from her missing years or Stefano was telling her his side of the story. Philomena knew it was time for all the secrets to finally come to light and everyone to know. She sat thinking about how she was going to tell John what happened, what happened in the past and what happened at the airport.

The cab pulled into Salem and headed straight for John and Marlenaís penthouse. It wasnít long before Philomena could see the face of the doorman of the penthouse as the cab pulled up to the large building. She paid the cab driver and stepped out of the car. She stood looking up at the building knowing Johnís life as he knew it would never be the same again. Philomena was right in his life never being the same, but she would never except his life to change like it will.


Marlena stood observing Daniel as Stefano stood up and took her by the arm to the other part of the plane where Daniel couldnít see or hear them. She totally blanked out about what was going on and who was saying anything. Stefano motioned for Daniel to stay where he was until he was done with Marlena. She reluctantly went with Stefano into the other part of the plane. She pulled her arm away as he let into her why she was there.

Marlena- I saw him from my car.

Stefano- So you followed us out here?

Marlena- Yes! Stefano, who is that child?

Stefano- So you donít know who he is?

Marlena- Yes, no... I know something isnít right here, Stefano and I want to know what, right now?

Stefano- So you saw us and choose to follow us here and enter my plane?

Marlena- Stefano answer me now!

Stefano- We are taking off in moments, I will explain everything when I return back to Salem.

Marlena- No, that wonít do... I can fly up to my third trimester, Iím just about to enter it, so I can fly there and be back by morning as soon as you tell me what is going on.

The pilot stood listening to Marlena as Stefano told him that all three of them would be going to Paris together. Stefano also told the pilot that they would need another few moments before they take off.

Marlena- Stefano, I have this feeling, its a very strong feeling. Its like I should be here, but I have no idea why. Tell me who that child is.

Stefano- His name is Daniel, Daniel Dimera.

Marlena- A relative?

Stefano- A son, he is my son.

Marlena stood shocked that Daniel was Stefanoís son. She knew he must of had other children out there but didnít realize that they were so young. She snapped out of shock to think of why she was having such strong feelings about this child, Stefanoís child. She peaked her head into the room where Daniel was sitting, Daniel looked into her eyes with tears running down his face as he looked at her.

As she looked into his eyes, something feel over her. She got a very, very uneasy feeling that something wasnít right in this picture. As her eyes meet with his she saw something, a flash, a flash of D.J, Sami, Eric, Belle and even Samantha, his sister. She shook her head in frustration and anger. She stood watching the boy who was looking at her while wiping tears from her eyes.

Marlena stood back into the room where Stefano was. She looked down at her hands and saw something in her mind. A picture of her holding a small baby in her arms. She wondered what was going on, it wasnít a memory of her holding Sami or Eric, or even Belle. In the memory she was standing up with people all around her with a newborn baby in her arms, that was she could see. Marlena stepped back from Stefano as he watched her intently. She stood looked at Stefano, thinking of the memory and remembering Danielís face. As she did this she remembered what was said as she entered the plane. She remembered Daniel calling her mother. Finally she put it all together, she was drawn to Daniel because, Daniel, somehow was her son, her and Stefanoís son.

Marlena was almost in shock and started to cry as she realized what was going on. She looked at Stefano who didnít really have any expression on his face, he just observed her. She couldnít get over it, she tried to think it must be a trick or some kind of scam by Stefano.

She walked up to Stefano and slapped him across the face as hard as she could. He shut his eyes then opened them with a smile on his face. She stood crying and trying to figure away out of what was going on, but she couldnít. Something was drawing her to him, a force that she didnít know about.

Marlena- Is it true? Is he my son too?

Stefano- Yes, its all true.

Marlena tears were making her make-up run as she stood with Stefano. She was in total shock about what was going on. She hoped it was a trick of Stefanoís but realized more and more with every feeling she held for that child that there must be some kind of secret bond between them. Stefano smiled at Marlena as she cried. Marlena started to sweat and feel pain. She grabbed her midsection as Stefano wondered if she was all right. She bit her lip in pain as she collapsed onto the ground unconscious.

---The End---

Chapter 90
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