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Chapter 88

Stefanoís limo drove into a small airport just outside of Salem. Stefano knew it was the right place to leave for Paris from. The people there had there own personal or business jets and Johnís jet wasnít at this airport, so Stefano knew it would be safe for knowone seeing him or Daniel. The limo stopped in the parking lot of the airport, the driver let Stefano and Daniel out of the limo. They started to walk towards the entrance as Marlenaís car pulled in behind them. Stefano and Daniel didnít pay any attention to who was pulling in, they just kept on walking into the terminal.

Stefano and Daniel walked into the airport terminal as Marlena stood outside of her car watching them move into the airport. She saw Stefano talking with a man inside of the terminal and saw someone by his side but couldnít see their face. She really didnít know what she was doing except she felt as if she needed to do it. She forced herself to turn off her car and walk into the terminal.

As Marlena ran to the doors, Philomenaís cab pulled up. Philomena paid the cab driver and jumped out of the cab yelling for Marlena to stop. Marlena couldnít hear her because of the sound of planes taking off and all the people around her. Philomena watched as Marlena entered the airport. Philomena took a deep breath and ran after Marlena hoping to catch her before she sees Daniel or Stefano.


Stefano and Daniel walked onto the Dimera jet. Daniel sat down as Stefano talked with the pilot about their course to Paris. Daniel turned around and started to look out the window. He watched all the other planes being fixed and tuned up. He turned his head a little and saw all the people in the terminal. He looked at all the busy faces as they all ran around looking and boarding their planes. Stefano walked back into the passengers section of the plane after he was done talking with the pilot. He saw his son looking at all the people and smiled.

Stefano- See anyone you know?

Daniel laughed and turned around to face his father. He was just curious about what was going and wasnít really looking for anything in particular.

Daniel- No, not really... So when are we taking off?

Stefano- The pilot said a few more moments.... You wonít to get home in a hurry, donít you?

Daniel- Yeah, I miss Paris. Well donít get me wrong, I liked Salem, well what I saw of it.

Stefano- Iím sure you did... One day Daniel, you will see the entire world, Salem included.

Daniel- Cool!

Daniel turned around again in his seat to see all the people. He watched them run around like chickenís with their heads cut off. He saw one women run out to the window looking around, he thought she looked very familiar. Then he saw another women running after her, he knew who the other women was. It was Philomena she had been his helper from when he was a small child. He never knew what happened to her, but that she wasnít there one day. Daniel turned around to his father who was sitting down in his seat.

Daniel- I do know somebody.

Stefano- What are you talking about, Daniel?

Daniel- Philomena Alamain is in the terminal, sheís chasing after some women.

Stefano- What?

Stefano ran to the window and looked outside of it. He couldnít see Philomena at all. He wondered what the hell she was doing here. Daniel was leaving town and thatís what she wanted, why would she be following them. Stefano wondered if she was making sure Daniel left.

Stefano- You must have been mistaken, Daniel.

Daniel- No, father. Iím sure I saw her, I saw Philomena, I know I did.

Stefano yelled up front about taking off soon. They both looked out the window looking for Philomena or anyone else with her. Stefano had a bad feeling about what was going on.


Marlena ran out onto the air strip. The airport officials yelled for her to get off, they missed Marlena but caught Philomena who was chasing after her. Philomena fought to free herself but they pulled her back into the terminal. She screamed for Marlena, but Marlena didnít hear her at all with all the noise on the strip. Philomena sat back down in the terminal watching all the planes, hoping that Stefano and Daniel were gone or not there or anything but Marlena finding out the truth. Philomena knew if Marlena ever found out her and Johnís marriage couldnít handle the truth about Marlenaís missing years.

Philomena- Please God, donít let this happen. Please spare Marlena and Johnís marriage and their childrenís lives. Let this secret stay buried were it belongs.


Marlena ran around the strip looking for the Dimera jet. She knew the logo on was on the side of the plane. She still didnít know why was look running around like a mad women chasing after something she didnít even know. Marlena knew deep, deep down that she was doing the right thing and that she was being pulled towards Stefano and whoever else he was with.

She finally found the Dimera jet. She ran to the side of it and tired to pull the hatch to get in down, but she couldnít. After pulling for a few moments a person came along trying to get her to leave the strip right now. She told him she needed to be on this plane, she knew someone on this plane and it would be ok. The person unlocked the door and lifted it down. She thanked him and jumped aboard the plane. She looked around and saw the pilot looking at her.

Pilot- What the hell? Who are you?

Marlena paid know attention to him and walked towards the passengers section of the plane. She reached the curtain and before she could open it, she got a chill that ran down her back. She had a feeling like everything was going to change and change her life for years to come. She pulled the curtain and walked into the passengers section to see Stefano and Daniel sitting down waiting for the plane to take off.

Stefano- Marlena!

Marlena- Stefano!

Daniel- Mom!

All three were shocked and dumbfounded by what was going on. Stefano sat watching Marlena look at Daniel who was almost in tears by seeing Marlena, his mother. Stefano knew that everything now had changed and none of their lives would ever be the same again.

---The End---

Chapter 89
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