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Chapter 87

Abe looks at Roman and shakes his head. Both Roman and Abe have spent hours with the supervisor of the Brookdale Sunshineís home trying to figure out what happened. Yesterday back in Salem they got a tip from some people in the area calling about hearing things about what happened at the sanitarium. The supervisor and the two police officers talked over and over about what happened and what went wrong. Roman and Abe couldnít get over how easily Larry tricked them into having Hope committed. After sorting everything out with the supervisor Abe talked with some of the employees about what happened as Roman searched the tunnels and passages Larry and his men used. Roman walked out to the end of tunnels and found another secret passage which lead out to the woods.

After Abe was done talking with everyone he meet up with Roman and they talked about what was going on.

Roman- Well those woods would be a prefect place to escape in, but would they all still be in there?

Abe- I donít know, since the people here didnít say anything to the local police about what happened knowone would be looking for them.

Roman- True, but its been awhile since they left here. If Larry was smart he would have left these woods along time ago.

Abe- Thatís if he got Bo or Hope, there is always the chance that Bo and Hope got away.

Roman- Then why havenít they called for help or to tell us where they are.

Abe- Yeah, it just doesnít make alot of sense... I think we should search the woods. We are out here all alone and there is nothing else left in the sanitarium.

Roman- Lets go partner...

The two men took out their guns and held them in their hands as they walked into the open set of woods. They didnít know what to expect or find but it needed to be done and fast if they wanted to find anyone alive or dead.


Philomena walked around Salem Place looking for Marlena. She knew Marlena went down to Salem Place to be alone but wanted to talk with her again. She saw Marlena getting into her car and leave, so Philomena hailed a cab to follow Marlena to wherever she was going. She thought Marlena was headed home or to the hospital, but she was wrong Marlena needed to think and be alone without anyone around her. Marlena thought driving would settle her down and clear her head. So following Marlena, Philomena in her cab followed Marlena to what it looked to be out of town. Marlena started to drive to the outskirts of Salem as Philomena followed her.


Hope sat tied to her chair as Tania sat looking over a magazine she found in the cabin. The fire blazed as Hope tried to cut her way out of the ropes. She found a small piece of broken glass on the floor. She was able to pick it up using the chair when Tania left the room for a moment to talk with Larry and David. She almost had herself untied as Tania looked over magazine.

Larry and David stood outside going over there plan as Tania was suppose to be watching Hope. Hope watched Taniaís every move as she cut more and more of the rope that tied her up.

Hope- Can I have a drink of water?

Tania- No!

Hope- Please Iím really thirsty...

Tania- You wonít need water for where you are going. It wonít matter anyways, we are going to kill you.

Hope- No, you canít. I have a family, a child.

Tania- So!!! Am I suppose to care? Cause I donít.

Hope lowered her head again, she knew the only way Tania would think sheís not doing anything is by talking with her. Hope finally had all the rope cut away, her hands were free. Now all she needed was to make Tania leave so she could get the rifle on the wall. She looked outside and saw Larry and David talking. She knew Tania left before when they called her, so maybe she would do it again.

Hope watched Tania looking at the magazine. Hope used a lower voice and said Taniaís name. As Tania lifted her head up to see who was calling her, Hope looked out the window as if it came from outside. Tania through her magazine down and walked to the door.

Tania- Donít go anywhere now... Oh wait, you canít...

As Tania laughed and walked out of the cabin, Hope jumped up and grabbed the rifle off the wall. She closed the drapes on the window so they couldnít see she was free. Hope loaded the rifle and hid behind the door so she could surprise anyone who would come in. Hope stood behind the door waiting for someone to come back into the cabin.


Marlena watched the road as she turned off her radio. She didnít look behind her to see the cab that was following her but she was watching the oncoming traffic beside her. It was a quiet road but some cars used it. Marlena looked outside as she passed a small airport just outside of Salem. She continued to drive as she saw a large limo coming towards her. She thought the limo looked familiar but didnít think much about it. The limo came very close to her and she could see inside of it just a tab. She saw Stefano Dimera inside the limo talking with someone. She looked back as they passed and saw Daniel Dimeraís face.

Seeing Danielís face, something clicked inside of Marlenaís head, she slowed down and started to shake. She thought of pulling over to the side of the road, but something stopped her. She needed to know something, she had this urge and a power that made her stop and turn the car around. So she pulled over to the side of the road and turned the car around so she could follow Stefanoís limo. She didnít know what she was doing or what she saw but she knew she had to follow that limo.

Philomena watched as Marlena stopped and turned around to follow the limo. She told the cab driver to still follow her to wherever she was going. Philomena turned around and looked at the limo that Marlena was following. She saw the limo and knew right away it was Stefanoís. She remembered seeing it when she went to his house the other day. She knew what was going on, she knew Marlena must have seen Danielís face and had some memory from the past and needed to find out what it was. Philomena sat praying that Marlena wouldnít find Daniel in Stefanoís limo. She watched as Marlena followed Stefanoís limo.


Hope stood by the door as it opened from outside. She watched as Tania walked back into the cabin talking about hearing things and voices. Hope pushed Tania down to the ground as she walked in. Tania fell right beside the fire place. Tania flipped over to see Hope pointing a rifle at her face. Tania laid scared for her life as David and Larry ran in hearing the noise. Tania stood up as the men walked in. As Tania stood up she knocked over a table stand and part of it hit the fire place. The table started to burn and catch on fire as Larry and David pulled out their guns. Hope had her gun on Tania as Larry and David kept their guns on Hope.

As the small fire blaze on the floor of the cabin all four people stayed still with guns pointed every which way. As Hope was about to put her gun down because she realized she was beaten, Bo busted through the window.

Earlier on that week, Bo got separated from Hope when they jumped off the cliff. He had got pushed way down the river and got lost from Hope. He had been watching Larry and David from a distance as they talked outside of the cabin and when he saw them go into the cabin he busted in after them.

When Bo jumped through the window he knocked over David and David hit his head off the wall and was passed out on the ground. Bo grabbed Davidís gun as Larry watched Hope and Tania. Bo held his gun at Larry as Larry held his gun at Hope, whoís rifle was at Taniaís head. As they all held guns at each other the fire started to grow and the smoke started to fill the cabin as people stared each other down. People start shouting as smoke filled the cabin. As knowone could see anyone else in the room gunshots started to go off. Shots rang throughout as the fire blazed inside of the cabin.

---The End---

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