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Chapter 86

Marlena spent the night laying in bed thinking about John, Brady, and Isabella. After she finished crying in Philomenaís arms for a few moments they talked about the future of their family. They both wondered why it was taking so long for Isabella to finalized the divorce, so John and Marlena could move on in their relationship and plan their wedding. Marlena told the story about how Kristen came between her and John for a long time and that their love overcame her evil. She told Philomena about how she didnít hate Isabella just what she did to her and Johnís marriage.

After Philomena left, Marlena went straight to bed only speaking a few words to John when he came home and when they woke-up in the morning. Marlena spent in for a few extra hours in the morning as everyone else went to school or work. Marlena went into her office and decided that she couldnít work under all the stress she was under. She decided it was best to take a leave of absence for a few months until her and John were back on track with their relationship.

After she was done calling her patients, her co-workers, and everyone else she needed to, she went for a walk down to Salem Place. She sat at the Java cafe going over all things that has happened to her and John during the last few years. First they got married and Gina wouldnít leave them alone, even in death she caused trouble. After Gina was in the past, Stefano returned to make trouble in their lives, first kidnapping her and then faking Johnís death. She spent weeks mourning over her lose while John was kept in a cell on Stefanoís island. Then as soon as they think they get some peace, after John returns home and Stefano is in jail, Isabella turns up alive. Marlena didnít know how much more she could take. She had spent years watching either Roman, Kristen, Susan, Gina, Stefano or now Isabella come between them. She didnít know how much more her and Johnís relationship could take. How much more can their relationship handle? Marlena sat in the Java cafe going over her and Johnís relationship.


Stefano spent the morning preparing all his plans for the next few days. He decided putting all his plans on hold while, he goes back to Paris to accompany his son back home. After he got off the phone with the airport telling them to get his jet already, the doorbell rang. Stefano made sure Daniel would go through the back exit to the car as he would deal with whoever was at the door. Stefano walked to the door and opened it to see Kristen looking at him. She walked into the mansion and through down her purse and walked into the living room, Stefano followed her.

Stefano- This isnít a good time, Kristen!

Kristen- What are you talking about, thereís knowone here.

Stefano- Iím leaving town for a few days.

Kristen- But what about Isabella.

Stefano- You will have to keep up the act for a few more days then we will start the next phase of our plan, ok?

Kristen- I donít know how much longer I can take being this moron. My God, I have everyone all over my back telling me that Iím a precious angel to them. It makes me sick and then thereís that stupid kid, Brady. What an annoying little brat.

Stefano- Just keep it up for a few more days, ok? I will be back before you know it.

Kristen- Where are you going anyways?

Stefano- Paris!

Kristen- Oh, well I will keep on doing what I am doing but I donít know how much longer I can keep on acting like this goody-two-shoes.

Stefano- Your doing a good job.

Stefano pushes Kristen towards the door as they talk. He practically pushes her out the door as he closes it with her talking. He turns around with his back on the door.

Stefano to himself- Sorry Kristen, I need to deal with more important things right now.

Stefano walks away from the door and goes turn off the lights and leaves throw the back exit towards the waiting car.


In the deep dark woods of New York a small cabin sits in middle of the woods with a little chimney sits upon the roof. Inside Hope lays tide to a chair as Tania puts more wood into the fire. Hope watches Taniaís every move so she can somehow try to make an escape.

Hope- Bo will find me!

Tania- Bo is dead! Ok, we both need to deal with our lose. I lost the love of my life and you lost a friend, ok?

Hope- He never loved you, he hated you. He hates you for what you did to me and our child.

Tania got very mad because of Hopeís words. She ran over to her with a knife to her throat.

Tania- Bo loved me and not you... And if you donít shut your mouth I will keep sure you never say another word, ever again.

Hope sat frozen by Taniaís threats. She saw what Tania was capable of and was scared for her life. Hope prayed over and over that Bo was somehow still alive and that he would save her before they decide what to due with her. Tania moved away from Hope and again started to put more wood in the fire. Hope looked around the one room cabin. Hope could see a bed with sheets on it, a small kitchen area, and one thing that caught Hopeís eye was the rifle mounted on the wall of the cabin. Hope wondered if she could use it and if any of them knew their was a gun in the cabin. Hope sat looking around the room looking for a way out and something to break her ropes to free herself.


Outside the cabin Larry and David walked around to make sure knowone would find them. They knew there was a trail that lead to a small unwooded area but that was all, no tracks to anywhere else in the woods. Larry made David go back to the river to make sure Bo wasnít still alive and on their trail. After David returned, he wondered what Larryís next move was going to be.

David- So what is next boss?

Larry- Well as they say, one down, one to go.

David- Were going to take out Hope?

Larry- First Hope, then Tania. Sheís a loose cannon and knows way to much. After that we will catch a train to Mexico and live out the rest of our days living it up on some Mexican beach.

The two men laugh as they discuss their plans. They planned for taking care of Hope, the next day after they all get some well needed rest. Tomorrow would prove to a day like no other and would change all of their lives forever.

---The End---

Chapter 87
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