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Chapter 85

Daniel is putting his cloths and other items into his suitcase as Stefano stands at the door watching him. Stefano walks into the room as his son makes sure he isnít missing anything.

Stefano- Your not mad are you?

Daniel- Noway Dad, I want to go home. To tell you the truth, I miss Paris, alot. I canít wait to leave tomorrow morning to get back there.

Stefano- What do you love about it, my son?

Daniel- My home, my bed, my friends, my...

Stefano- Girls!

Stefano smiles at his maturing son who turns red as his father answers his question for him.

Daniel- A few...

Stefano turns back to the doorway as Daniel grabs his items from the bathroom. Daniel finishes packing and turns to his father who is leaving.

Daniel- Iím glad I came to Salem, maybe next time we can go out on the town, together.

Stefano- Well see.

Stefano walks from the room and stands in the hallway. With his back to the wall a tear runs down his face.

Stefano to himself- One day my son, you will meet your mother and I will show you off to the world, but for now you must stay a secret. I just hope in time you can see why I do what I do.

Stefano whips the tears from his eyes and continues to walk down the hallway. Daniel turns out the door to see his father leaving. Daniel smiles as Stefano walks down the hallway.


Marlena walks back into the penthouse. She puts his purse and keys down on the table as she reads Belleís note about staying the night at a friends house. She lets out a sign after realizing she is all alone. She undoes the top of her blouse so her neck could breath. She flops down on the couch as she looks over at all her pictures of family and friends on the mantel. She stands up and walks over to the pictures. She picks up a picture of her and John. She smiles at the picture of the two of the back in the 80ís. Its the picture of them just before they attended party together. She set it down and picked up another. It was the picture of her, John, Brady, and Belle in the late 90ís, her and John were kissing at the kids got their picture taken with Santa Claus. As she put that picture down she giggled as she picked up the picture from their 50ís date. Her smile left her face as she saw the picture of John, Brady and Isabella. She remembered how happy they all were back at the Kirrikis mansion. She didnít hate Isabella, she hated what Isabella did to her and Johnís marriage. Isabella not only made their marriage illegal and void, but put a big strain on it as well. She knew their love could overcome any kind of test or adventure Stefano could put them through but dealing with Johnís dead wife was a different kind of test altogether.

Marlena put down the 50ís date picture and looked at more pictures of John with Isabella and Brady. She couldnít fight it and the tears started to roll down her face. The pain of fighting for her husband was too much. Marlena knew Isabella wouldnít give up John as easily as Marlena would like. They shared a child, a love and a bond. Marlena couldnít even convince John that Isabella was bad or evil. Isabella was a sweet, kind and loving person. That it was made it so hard for Marlena, Isabella wasnít Kristen. Kristen was evil and hurt others badly. She fought for John from her and won. Their love won out against Kristen because she was evil, but could their love win against someone who was pure of heart and a loving human being.

Marlena flopped down on the sofa as she started to cry and wonder if she could ever get John back. She knew he said he loved her, but he also loved Isabella at one time. You canít just forget about her or leave her. Marlena felt her large stomach and wondered if the baby would bring her and John together. She didnít want to have to make John love her, but just to love her because he does love her.

At the door Philomena used her key and walked into the penthouse. Marlena turned to see her with tears running down her face. Philomena dropped her bags and ran to Marlena. Marlena with tears running down her face stood up and fell into Philomenaís arms. The two women held each other as Marlena cried about her current situation with Isabella and John.


Larry, David and Tania run down to the bottom of the cliff to see if either of them lived or died. They walked in the water looking for any sign of life. Hope was sprawled out on top of rock spiting out water. David pointed her out as Tania ran over to her. Larry and David looked up and down the stream to find Bo, but couldnít see him or any sign of him. Tania stood above Hope as Hope spit out water and tried to move around. Hope saw Tania and started to crawl back into the water but Tania stopped her. Tania pulled Hope up to her legs as Hope yelled for Bo. Larry and David walked over to them. Larry smiled as Hope looked out onto the water and screamed for Bo.

Larry- Bo is gone, dead! You killed him, you sealed both your fates for jumping off that cliff.

David and Tania grabbed Hopeís arms as Larry again looked out onto the water to see no sign of Bo. David and Tania starting pulling Hope who tried to fight to get free and was yelling for Bo. Larry walked behind as they dragged her from the stream.


Roman sat in Abeís seat going over old files. He was looking over prison files of criminals who were now free and might be a risk to commit crimes again. He had spent the entire day going through them. He would look at all the crimes they committed, how many years they got for their crime, and the officer(s) that took them down. He picked up the Larry Welch file. He didnít know much about him, except Bo had something to do with him. He knew the name was familiar but couldnít place it. He opened the file to see he was just realized a few months ago. Roman saw all the crimes that Larry committed and how connected to Bo and Hope he was. He also saw that he planed things against Bo and Hope while he was in jail. The guards reported him in for saying he was going to kill the both of them for what they had done to him and that they were going to pay. Roman got nervous as he read on about Larryís profile. He put down the file and picked up the phone to call Bo at the boat. As he dialed the number Abe walked into the office. Abe looked like he had something to tell Roman that was important.

Roman- Just a second, partner.

Abe- Roman this is very important!

Roman hung up the phone and told Abe to spit it out.

Abe- After Hope lost the baby, she went away right?

Roman- Yeah and he think that Bo must have followed her later on to be with her, why do you ask?

Abe- I just got back from the boat thinking that they might be back in town. When I got there the door was busted open and there was stuff knocked all over the place, like there was a fight or something. As I went back outside a guy who has a boat near by told me, he saw Bo and a women in the boat, and then the women left with a huge bag of something. He told me that knowone has been to the boat for weeks. The women with Bo wasnít Hope, he knows that.

Roman- Oh my God! Boís been kidnapped.

Abe- I have my men search the area for any clues.

Roman- Its worse than that, I was looking over these files and I saw Larry Welchís. He just got out and was looking for revenge on Bo and Hope. Something is really not right here, Abe, not right at all.

Abe looked at the file as Roman started to make phone calls. Abe and Roman both got a very worried look on there faces thinking Bo and Hope could be in alot, alot of trouble.

---The End---

Chapter 86
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