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Chapter 84

After her talk with Kate, Marlena took a walk by herself around the estate. She finally ended it by the front doors. She walked back into the mansion thinking that John was done talking with Isabella. She walked straight into the foyer so she could see into the living room. She was shocked by what she saw. John was sitting on the couch hugging Isabella as Brady looked on. Kristen smiled as she saw Marlena watching her and John and that Brady was smiling as he watched his parents hug. Marlena let a tear fall from her eyes. She turned back around the corner and started to cry a little.

Marlena to herself- Oh please donít let me lose you John!

As Marlena talked to herself she got a pain in her stomach. The baby was growing inside of her very fast. It was kicking harder than any other of her children ever did. She smiled as she thought of the baby and how happy John would be when its born. But she also knew John still had a past and she couldnít take that away from him. She grabbed her coat and left the mansion to head home. She thought she would let John spend time with Isabella and Brady.


Daniel walked into the living room from the garden. He smiled as his father sat looking over a book. Daniel walked over to the drink table and poured himself a soda. He sat down on the couch as Stefano looked on.

Daniel- Ok, you win.

Stefano- Win what?

Daniel- I will go back to Paris. I have been here for two days and you wonít let me leave the mansion. What is the point of being here if you donít let me leave?

Stefano- I have my reasons. You can stay longer?

Daniel- Can I leave the mansion?

Stefano lifted his head up at his son. Daniel frowned as he knew his fatherís answer without him even saying it.

Daniel- No, I should get back anyways. I miss it already.

Stefano- Are you happy there?

Daniel- Oh yeah, I have loads of friends, Iím doing good in school and Iím treated like royalty.

Stefano laughed at his sonís comments. Daniel reminded Stefano of what he used to like as a child.

Stefano- Good! As long as your happy, nothing else matters. When do you want to leave?

Daniel- I guess tomorrow. Is that ok with you?

Stefano- Yes of course... Now I want to tell you something, I know I should have come and visited you more and it wasnít very good of me not too. So I will make you a deal, I will try to come to Paris to visit you at least 5 times a year and one of these days I will be coming to Paris to live there. How does that sound?

Daniel- All right, Deal?

The two men shake hands then hug. Stefano was so happy to finally have some more family with him and back in his life even if it was just for a visit. He knew Danielís return to Paris was for the best. Stefano knew knowone in Salem was ready for his sonís parentage secret to be known just yet.


In the cave where Tania and Larry are unconscious, bodies start to move. Tania starts to move her arms and legs as Larry moves his head around. Tania fights to stand up and starts brushing dirt and gravel from her clothes and face. She walks over and helps Larry to his feet. They both donít have any serious injuries, just cuts and bruises.

Tania- What the hell happened?

Larry- A cave-in happened. Where are Bo and Hope?

They look around and move rocks to find they must have gotten free and are gone. They rushed slowly out of the cave and look around the outside of the cave. Larry goes back into the cave and grabs his gun that he saw laying on the ground. He pulls out another gun from his sock pocket. He hands the small hand gun to Tania as he takes the gun from the cave. After he comes out they start to walk in the distance where they think Bo and Hope probably went off into.


Hope stands in Boís arms as David holds his gun on them both. He smiles as they realize there is no way out this time. They are both very weak from the fighting at the sanitarium, running all night, hiding out and the cave-in they both just escaped from. David watched them both as he held his gun on them.

David- Where are Larry and Tania?

Bo- We donít know!

David looked at Bo and Hopeís torn clothing and the dirt that was all over their arms and face. He laughed at them as they stood in fear.

David- What the hell happened to you two anyways?

Just before either Bo or Hope could answer they all heard some people coming in from the distance. David turned his head to see Tania and Larry walking towards them. Bo took the chance now that David was distracted to get free. Bo ran to David and pushed him over. The gun dropped to the ground and Hope kicked it into the bushes. With David on the ground Bo and Hope took off. Tania and Larry rushed to David after hearing the commotion. All three ran after Bo and Hope. Bo and Hope ran as fast as they could and kept on looking back as Larry, Tania and David kept on chasing them with guns in hands. Bo and Hope stopped dead in their tracks right to the side of a large cliff where it lead down to a waterfall. They turned around to run but were stopped by Larry, Tania and David.

Larry- Finally!!! Nowhere to run this time.

Larry smiled as he thought he had Bo and Hope trapped. Hope lowered her head as Bo grabbed her hand. He looked deep into her eyes as she looked deeply into his eyes. Their love was being tested and they were going to push it as far as they could. A tear ran down Hopeís face as she knew what was going to happen. They both took a deep breath.

Bo- Were over here!!!

With Boís yelling out Larry, Tania, and David all looked around to make sure knowone was near them. With everyone looking away Bo and Hope took advantage of the situation. They held each others hands tight as they turned around and closed their eyes. With their hands closed tightly together they both jumped over the cliff and down into the waterfall and river that was below. Their bodies fell in the air as their hands came apart. Hope screamed as Bo was torn from her reach. Their bodies fell hard into the water as Larry, Tania and David stood at the top of the cliff in amazement that they both jumped into the water from the cliff.

---The End---

Chapter 85
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