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Chapter 83

The cave-in finally stopped. Everyone lay under rocks and fallen gravel. Everyone lay unconscious as another cave-in happens. No screams or yells are heard. More stones fall from the roof of the cave and gravel from the sides of the walls falls onto Bo, Hope, Larry and Tania. Moments after the second cave-in Hope starts to come around. She moans as she tries to stand-up. She is bleeding from her head and her arms are cut by rocks, but nothing serious. She tries to crawl over to Bo who is out cold on the other side of the cave. She reaches him and starts to push him awake.

Hope- Bo! Bo...

Bo quickly wakes up. He too has lots of bruises and scratches on his face and arms. Both of their clothes are ripped and torn. Bo stands up and looks around. He can only see part of Taniaís arm and the light coming from outside into the cave. He helps Hope up and they slowly walk out of the cave. Once they reach the outside, they both collapse onto the ground in exhaustion. Hope looks into the cave to see nothing. She canít see anyone move or even try to move.

Hope- Do you think their dead?

Bo- For our sakes, I hope so... But we canít be sure, we have to keep on moving. There is still the chance that Larry has more people looking for us.

They both stand up and grab each others hands and start to slowly run away from the cave. In the cave Larry lays beside the wall as he bleeds from the head. Tania is unconscious under alot of gravel from the roof and walls. Both lay unconscious as Bo and Hope make their getaway.


Philomena arrives at the Dimera mansion. She stands outside the front door looking over the house. She takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. The maid comes to the door and opens it. Philomena tells her she is here to see Stefano. The maid lets her in as she goes to get Stefano. Stefano, who is the living room with Rolfe walks out to the door to see Philomena standing there. He gives her a smug smile as she stairs him down. The maid leaves a Philomena throws her purse down on the table.

Philomena- Donít tell me...

Stefano- He is upstairs unpacking.

Philomena lets out a hard breath as she knows Daniel is really in Salem and with his father of all people.

Philomena- I want to see him!

Stefano- Iím sorry, that just canít happen.

Philomena- That it too damn bad, I want to see him, now!

Stefano- Do I have to have you escorted from my house?

Philomena- Stefano, you promised me you wouldnít do this.

Stefano- I never promised you anything. I donít owe you anything and Iím certainly not going to help you with anything. If I remember correctly when we were at Masion Blanche you stabbed me, if Iím correct.

Philomena- Iím sorry Stefano! But please, please donít let Daniel be seen by Marlena or John. He could ruin their marriage forever... You already have ruined enough lives, let it stop now.

Stefano- My plans for me and my family are none of your business what so ever.

Philomena- It is if it hurts my family and it will. If John finds out about your and Marlenaís child he will be devastated. Bring back Daniel to Paris and keep him from Salem.

Stefano- Iím only going to ask you once, leave my house now.

Philomena- I will leave, but Stefano if you do this, I promise I will make sure you will live or maybe not live, to regret it.

Stefano smiles a cold smile at Philomena as she grabs her purse and leaves the house. He smiles wickedly as she slams the door. He starts to laugh and think about all the damage that would occur if Danielís paternity ever came to light. Stefano turned around and walked back into the living room to discuss his plan with Rolfe.


Marlena stands looking out the window at the Kirrikis mansion as John and Kristen talk on the other side of the room. John and Marlena came over to speak with Isabella about Brady and the divorce. John wanted everything to be over soon. But Kristen tricked John into not talking about their divorce but about all their times together in the past. Marlena stood by the window mad because she didnít want to here about all their times together now that he was with her. John and Kristen laughed as Marlena smiled as she turned around. She walked out into the foyer and bumped into Kate. The two women walked out into the garden as Kristen and John continued to talk.

Kate- I know it must be hard.

Marlena- You donít know how hard it is, Kate. I mean Iím glad Brady has his mother back, but I donít need John to have his wife back. Its bad enough Stefano is free from jail but now we have to deal with her. That is so horrible for me to say.

Kate- No its not. You are human too. We all have emotions and we all have feelings. Its normal for you to feel this way. Donít worry, we all know John loves you with all his heart and we all know Isabella is his past, you are his future.

Marlena- I know, its just so hard to do. I mean one minute were happily married and the next were divorced because Johnís ex-wife comes back from the dead.

Kate- Donít worry, everything will work out for the best, they will get divorced and you two will again have the biggest and best wedding this town has ever seen.

Marlena hugged Kate as they walked back inside of the house. Marlena was happy that she could finally tell someone how she was feeling about what was going on with her life. Marlena didnít know how much more she could take. But what Marlena didnít know was she was in for the biggest shock and change to her life very soon.


Bo and Hope stopped at a near by area. The area didnít have any trees just grass. Bo held Hope in his arms as he looked from where they came from to make sure they werenít being followed. Both of them were tired, hungry and very thirsty. They needed to find the town and fast.

Hope- I donít know how much more of this I can take, Bo.

Bo- Donít worry, we will find the town soon and finally be free of Larry Welch and all his men for good.

Bo took Hopeís hand and started to walk back into the woods to try to find the town. Before they could leave someone walked out from the bushes. The person jumped out from behind them just before they could leave to go on their search.

Voice- Freeze!

Bo and Hope turned around to see David looking at them with his gun in hand and the gun pointed right at them. He had lost Larry and Tania, but now had found Bo and Hope. He held his gun on them as they stood in shock and terror.

---The End---

Chapter 84
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