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Chapter 82

Daniel raised his hand again to his father and started to lower it to hit him but Stefano grabbed his sonís arm and held it in the spot. Stefano smiled at his son as Daniel pulled away from his father. Stefano pointed into the living room where they could sit and talk to one another. Daniel threw his bags down near the drink table and sat down on a chair then proceeded to put his feet up on the table. Stefano walked by and pushed his feet off of the glass table and sat down on the couch.

Stefano- So, Iím guessing your upset with me.

Daniel- You guessed correct, father. I have good reason too. You left me in Paris without even seeing me for the last year. The last time you saw me was when you were there for some ball or something like that.

Stefano- Ah, yes, the turret last year.

Daniel- What are you talking about?

Stefano- Long story. Ok, Iím sorry for not coming to see you alot sooner than I should have, Iíve been very busy here.

Daniel- Iím sure you have been. I read about your latest stunt, using a girl to get out of jail, not your best work father.

Stefano- Lets no talk about, lets talk about you. So why are you here anyways?

Daniel- I came to Salem to live here with you.

Stefano- Live here in Salem?

Daniel- Yeah, is there a problem with that.

Stefano- Are you not happy in Paris?

Daniel- Yeah, but its so boring there, I need to be somewhere where there is action and one or two members of my family near by, is that a problem?

Stefano- No, no its just a bad time right now.

Daniel- Its always a bad time, isnít it? You donít want anyone to know about your bastard son. Wouldnít the people of Salem get a kick if they ever found out who I really am.

Stefano- Your my son and that is all.

Daniel- No its not, Iím your son, Iím Kristenís, Tonyís, Lexieís, Peterís, Reneeís, and Benjiís brother. Oh and lets not forget, my motherís side.

Stefano- What are you talking about?

Daniel- I know, my mother lives here, I know Dr. Marlena Evans Black lives here in Salem with her husband and their children, I read it in the paper... So is that the reason why you live here in Salem and not in Paris?

Stefano- Why I live here is not of your concern!

Daniel- Fine, but I want to live here.

Stefano- Sometimes you donít get what you want all the time.

Daniel- I wonder what my mother would think about that. Iím sure my mom could spare a couch for a night or two.

Stefano- You can stay here for a visit for a few days, just for us to catch up and thatís all.

Daniel gave Stefano a haft smile as he walked over to get his stuff and bring it upstairs to a room. Stefano stood as he saw his son going. Stefano walked over to Daniel and hugged him as tight as he could.

Stefano- You through a good punch, son.

Daniel- Thanks...

Stefano let Daniel go so he could go to his room. Stefano smiled as Daniel walked up the stairs. Rolfe walked into the living room from the garden and saw Stefano at the bottom of the stairs glowing and smiling at someone going up the stairs. Stefano saw Rolfe and ran over to him smiling.

Stefano- We have things to do and we have to do it fast.

Rolfe stood wondering what was going on and why Stefano was so happy. Stefano and Rolfe walked down to the lab to start on their next plan and how they would deal with Daniel being in town.


Belle and Brady went out with friends for the night as John and Marlena stayed in to watch a movie by themselves. John held Marlena in his arms as they watched the movie. They had been so happy with Belle safe at home and the family, finally all back together. They didnít even think about Isabella being alive and their marriage being invalid. All they thought about was their children and themselves. They watched the movie, the women in the movie was talking about having children out of wedlock. She said that she needed to keep a secret about her child or it would ruin her marriage forever.

Marlena got a very cold chill when the scene ended. She shaked in Johnís arms as he wondered what was wrong. She told him she just got a chill. Marlena didnít know that her life and marriage would forever change if the secret of her child out of wedlock ever came out, but one thing would stop that, she didnít remember anything about the child or that time at all. Marlena didnít know her life could change in way she could have never guessed or foreseen.


Bo and Hope held hands as they walked farther down into the cave. They reached a the end where it was all caved in and covered up. So decided it was best if they turned back and stay near the entrance. They started to walk towards the entrance when they heard someone walking towards them. They ran and hide behind a rock so they could watch who was coming in. Larry and Tania walked farther into the cave and Larry could see part of Hopeís arm and ordered them to come out and face him right now. Bo and Hope couldnít stay where they were or they could be shot. They both stepped out from behind the rock to face Larry and Tania who both had guns in their hands.

Larry- Well, well, look who we found.

Hope- Dam you both.

Tania- Shut up, Hope.

Hope- You killed our child just to cause pain for me and Bo. That child would have made our bond more stronger than ever. You couldnít take that me and Bo have a love that can never be broken. A love that is unbreakable and unstoppable, not even you or Larry or any kind of drug or mental state can keep us from each other. We love each other with every single part of our being and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Tania- Someone shut her up.

Bo- What do you want with us?

Larry- You both dead of course. Its time both of you pay for all the years I had to wait and suffer in jail.

Tania walked closer to Bo and Hope, as she did she slipped in a rock and her gun fell out her hands and went off into the air. Bo and Hope held each other as Taniaís gun went off. Larry yelled at Tania as she tried to get back on her feet and reach for her gun. All of a sudden the earth started to move, Larry dropped his gun on the ground and started to cling to the wall. The rocks and gravel from above started to fall on them all. Tania fell to the ground as Larry tried to reach for her. Bo and Hope started to ran to the entrance of the cave before it caved in on them. But it was to late, a rock came down and hit Hope in the head and knocked her out into Boís arms. Tania started to scream as rocks started to fall on them all. Bo fell backwards with Hope in his arms as they fell onto the ground. Tania fell into some rocks as Larry was hit by falling gravel. Bo covered Hope with his body as the cave-in continued. Rocks and graveled covered them all as knowone moved. Bo, Hope, Tania, and Larry all laid on the ground covered in rocks and gravel from the cave-in. Everyone lay lifeless as the cave-in stopped.

---The End---

Chapter 83
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