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Chapter 81

Bo and Hope spent the entire night either running in the woods near the sanitarium or hiding out and getting as much sleep that they both could. They woke-up early the next day cuddled together under a large tree covered in leafs and dirt. The lefts fell on them while they were sleeping and the dirt had come from Hope, who when they were running kept on falling. The drug that they were giving her was still present in her body and would take another few days to completely wash out of her system. Bo stood up and looked around to see where they were and to make sure knowone was near them. They both were sure Larry and his gang would have people looking for them all over the woods and in the near by town.

Bo- How are you feeling today?

Hope- I’m still sore... Bo, we need to get out of here and back home!

Bo- I know, I need to get to phone and call Roman to get some help out here, but I don’t want to leave you.

Hope- Bo, you have to, its the only way we can get out of here safely.

Bo- No, I can’t. I won’t leave you here, not for Larry to come and get you back. Next time he could do alot worse to you than just drug you up.

Hope- There is so much we need to talk about.

Bo- We will have time for that, but later. We need to get out of here, can you walk?

Hope- Yeah, but not very fast.

Bo helped Hope up to her feet and kissed her on the lips. She gave into the deep, sweet kiss just to feel him close to her. They feel into a tight hug as they stood in the woods. They both thought they would never see each other again, but they did and would never let anyone tear them apart again.

Bo and Hope started to walk farther into the woods and tried to make their way into the city, where they could find some help. They walked for about an hour when they found small cave in the mountain. They walked in and stayed there until they knew their next move. Bo again held Hope as they walked farther into the cave.


Larry, David, and Tania spent the night searching the town and some of the woods for Bo and Hope. They also got people at the sanitarium to go on their side and help find Hope. They told them that one of Hope’s friend, who also was mental helped her escape. They walked through the woods with guns in hand searching for any trace of Bo and Hope, but they kept on coming up empty handed. David got tired and sat on a rock as Larry and Tania went on. Larry and Tania got alot farther from David who was traveling behind them as they came upon a small cave. They walked near the door and heard voices coming from inside. Larry and Tania pulled out their guns and walked slowly into the cave looking for Bo and Hope, who were hiding farther down in the cave not knowing they were coming into the cave.


Philomena sat down again at the Java cafe. She had spent an hour looking for the boy. She sat down hoping he either didn’t come to the town or was not seen by anyone else yet.

She remembered how the entire ordeal started, she remembered when she found out about everything. Stefano kept her captive on his island for years, during her time there she learned many of Stefano’s secrets, including the truth about Marlena’s missing years. Marlena was pronounced dead by her family after plane crash had taken her life or so they thought. After the plane crash, Stefano found Marlena in a clinic in Europe, she was moved there after a man had found her almost lifeless body near his house. Marlena was in a coma from the plane crash, she stayed in the coma for a few weeks, after she woke-up, she wasn’t Marlena. She had total amnesia due to the crash and Stefano took full advantage of that. He told the doctor’s that she was his wife and he even had Marlena convinced that she was married to him. They left the clinic when she was better and he brought her to the island. She couldn’t remember anything about her old life and was only being told things about her new life, with Stefano, and her soon to be child. Stefano told Marlena she couldn’t have children. When Marlena was in the coma, he had someone steal one of her eggs. With the egg in his possession, the egg was soon fertilized by Stefano and planted in another women. Tina, was the woman who Stefano hired to be the surrogate mother, for him and Marlena. But there was something about Tina that didn’t click right with anyone at all, she was an exact look-like to Marlena. Knowone could get over how they look so like each other, it was haunting and for Stefano and Tina it really was. Stefano hired Tina, for only on reason, she really wasn’t Tina, she was Samantha Evans. Samantha Evans, Marlena’s twin had faked her death years ago to make it look as if Marlena died, but when something went very wrong she had to leave town for good. She was almost killed and suffered alot because of it. The knife that stabbed her, left alot of scars on her face and body. Samantha was left with alot a paralyzed left side and couldn’t walk right, she couldn’t do the things she used to. For all her troubles she blamed Marlena. Samantha never really recovered from her mental disease that she was thought to have years ago, she still was crazy and needed help but still could convince everyone that she was fine. Samantha still wanted to have her revenge on Marlena and she thought helping Stefano would do just that. Stefano explained to everyone that Tina/Samantha was just a look-a-like of Marlena’s and nothing else, even the new Marlena bought it. After nine months of pregnancy, Samantha went into labor on the island. Stefano, Doctors, nurses and Marlena watched on as Samantha gave birth, to twins boys. Shocking both Marlena and Stefano, Samantha delivered set of twins as had her and Marlena’s parents years earlier. But something was wrong, one of the children, one of the boys wasn’t right. One Doctor ran into the other room with the baby that was having trouble. Nurses and Doctor’s worked as hard as possible to keep the baby alive, but couldn’t do it, unless they kept it on a respirator. Giving into both Marlena and Stefano’s wishes, the baby was placed on a respirator so it could help it break properly.

Philomena only heard the story, but never saw Stefano and Samantha really commit these horrible acts to Marlena. Now that the baby’s were born, “Tina” was no longer needed. One night soon after the baby’s were born, Stefano and Samantha had it out, he wanted her gone, but she wouldn’t leave. She attacked him with a knife, but he was saved by a servant. He then decided it was best for everyone if Samantha was placed in secret sanitarium in Europe to help her get better and to stay out of his way for good.

When Philomena was brought to the island, she saw Marlena loving and caring for her child, Daniel. Philomena got to know Marlena very well and didn’t tell her she was there because Stefano put her there. Stefano had made Marlena believe he was a good person and that they were in love. Marlena spent all of her time on the island with her child, Daniel. The other boy, Micheal was still very sick, even years after his birth, the child was either getting better slowly or getting worse quickly. Marlena almost couldn’t take watching her son suffer, but she did. Stefano decided it was best if the child was to be pronounced dead and was taken to another island where Doctor’s would stay with him all the time. Michael’s “death” was the only way Marlena could be happy, she would finally think he was in heaven where he would be healthily and happy.

Philomena never learned that Stefano faked Michael’s death or even that Micheal was still alive, she along with Marlena thought he died, but Philomena knew Stefano was evil and was still playing evil tricks on people. One night on the island, she overheard Rolfe and Stefano and learned almost everything. Philomena learned about Marlena’s “death”, her husband and family, Samantha, and that Marlena had amnesia and Stefano used that to gain access to be close to Marlena and that the real Marlena hated Stefano with a passion. Philomena knew she had to make Marlena remember so that they could leave the island together and bring Daniel away from Stefano.

In June of 1991, Philomena tried all she could to make Marlena remember her time from before, Philomena didn’t know very much about it, except that she was married to someone named Roman Brady and that she hated Stefano. Marlena didn’t respond to anything Philomena did or said. Marlena has spent the last 5 years growing with Stefano and their children, she couldn’t except anything else. A month after Philomena started trying there was an accident on the island, Marlena was walking on the beach when she fell off some rocks and hit her head on a rock. She spent a few days in bed, when she woke-up she was confused about who she was. Stefano, Philomena and the Doctor’s thought she again had another case of amnesia, but this was not the case, she was remembering things from her time in Salem and her time of the island and was mixing them up. She would ask where Roman is and what happened to her son Micheal. Stefano was scared she would remember both and knew it was time she returned to Salem to help finish his plans for Salem and all the people of Salem. He sent her to a Mexican clinic where she would stay and recover. Rolfe gave Marlena a drug that would erase everything from her mind and put her back into a coma for a few days. Stefano and Rolfe planed for Marlena to return to Salem having amnesia, but it didn’t work as they planed. When Marlena woke-up from the coma she remembered everything from her past in Salem with Roman, but she didn’t remember anything of her time with Stefano, or Philomena or even her own children.

Philomena sat in the Java cafe thinking of what a horrible story she learned. She knew that Marlena having Stefano’s children would destroy her and John’s marriage for sure. She wanted to keep her son safe and him not knowing about Daniel would keep it that way. She needed to keep her family safe and would do anything for that, including hiding a deadly secret.

---The End---

Chapter 82
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