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Chapter 80

Days have pasted since Belle Black was found on the pier in Salem. The Black family spent the last few days at home celebrating. Brady and Belle have almost been spending every moment together, Shawn-D would come over alot and want to spend time with Belle. As well as friends and family coming over to speak with Belle and welcome her home, they were almost congratulating Marlena on her pregnancy. Marlena was getting a few months along, but was still having a very good pregnancy. Both parents of the soon-to-be were very excited about it and let everyone know.

The police only came over once to get as many information Belle had about the kidnapper as possible. They needed all the information they could get from her, but she didnít remember much. She only remembered walked down the stairs then waking up in the warehouse with people walking around her. Belle was upset that Stefano got free, even though knowone had any evidence Stefano has anything to do with her kidnapping. John, Marlena, Abe and the rest of the police force as well as Salem knew Stefano did it, who else would have.

Kristen stayed away from penthouse as the Black family was reuniting. She stayed with Victor, Isabellaís father. Brady was living back and forth between his father and his mother. It was hard for him to go back and forth.

Back at the penthouse, John and Marlena wanted get ahold of Bo and Hope to speak with them, but knowone answered at the boat or at the Horton house. Alice told Marlena that Hope went up north after what happened with the baby. Alice too was worried about them, because she didnít know where Bo was and Hope was gone, way, way too long. She tried to call the place where Doug told her Hope would be, but knowone answered the phone because of some storm. All three thought that Bo must have went up to see her and they are all cuddled up in their room and have been for days.

As John and Marlena watched as Belle and Brady sat and talked under the stairs. They stood holding each other above the balcony looking down at the children. John looked over at Marlena as she looked down. He picked her up in his arms and carried her into their room. He set her down on their bed and looked into her eyes as she smiled at him. He set her at the end of the bed as he went down on one knee.

John- I love you! I love you! I love you! That is a promise that I can never take back. I want you to know how much I love you. Marlena, will you marry me again?

Marlena- John!

John- I know, I know, Iím married still to Isabella. But I donít care, I loved Isabella at one point, we had a child and we still have love. A love that is strong, but not as strong as us, our love can beat through anything, we have proved that again and again and again.

Marlena had tears running down her face as she smiled at John and his loving words.

John- It does not matter, who Iím legally married too, Iím married to you in my heart and we will never broke that commitment. We can and will fight through anything Dimera through at us, anything and I will make you this promise, I will divorce Isabella and we will get married again. This time the wedding will be bigger and better than the last one.

Marlena- If thatís possible.

Both laughs as tears ran down both their faces. Marlena jumped into Johnís arms. They started to kiss over their new vows to each other and loved each other more than ever and their love grew with every moment they were together.


Philomena Alamain ran through Salem Place. She stopped at a person who had their back to her. She turned the man around and looked at him. He wondered what she was doing, but she had the wrong person. She stood watching them walking away as she sat down at a table in the Java cafe. She needed to find the man before anyone else finds or sees him, especially Stefano or Marlena. If she didnít all hell would break lose in Salem and John and Marlenaís relationship could be headed for disaster.

Philomena- Where the hell is he? I need to find him and fast.

Philomena had a worried look on her face as she looked around where she was. She got up from her seat and started to walk around hoping to bump into him.


Stefano was down in the lab as Rolfe worked away on his machines. Stefano laughed as Rolfe told him a hilarious story of a incident that happened years ago with his parents. After the man were down talking Stefano got some idea in his head. He walked up stairs to the living room and walked over to the phone. He picked it up and dialed a long distance number. A woman on the other line picked up.

Stefano- Long time for friends not to talk, donít you think.

Woman- Stefano Dimera, it takes two to talk.

Stefano- It has been awhile. How are you doing?

Woman- It has, now where are you living, Stefano?

Stefano- Iím still in Salem, I was just wondering if you would like to come down for a visit soon.

Woman- Is that an invitation, Stefano?

Stefano- Take it for what you will, darling. So shall I be expecting you soon?

Woman- We will see, Stefano. Talk to you later.

Stefano smiled as he hung up the phone. As stood hoping the woman would join him Salem for awhile he had a proposition he wanted to talk with her about. Stefano walked over to his drink table and was about to pouring himself a drink as the door bell rang. He looked around for his maid to get the door but she was not around, so he walked over to answer it.

Stefano opened the door. He stood for a moment wanting to know why the person was at the door. It only took moments before Stefano knew who was at the door and almost fell over in shock.

A 16 year old boy stood at the door as Stefano clutched to the door knob. He staired at the child as the boy came into the room. Stefano closed the door and turned around ready to say something, but he was stopped. The boy punched Stefano right in the jaw. Stefano fell back and almost fell on the ground but backed into the wall. Stefano stood in shock about then kid was there and that he hit him in the face.

Stefano- What the hell was that for?

Kid- Gee, I donít know, you tell me, Father?

Stefano stood still in shock at why his own son, who just came in from Paris has punched him in the face for almost no reason.

---The End---

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