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Chapter 8

Bo hangs off of Hopeís very word. Bo smiles and his heart races as she mentions their wedding. She sees him go off into space. She waves her hand in front of his face to get him back to the present.

Hope- Well, Bo. What do you think?

Bo- Hang on for a second.

Bo runs out of the room and upstairs. Hope sits alone wondering what Bo is doing now. He walks back down the stairs. He has a small box in his hands. Its Hopeís musical box that he gave her when they were little kids. He sets it on the table in front of her. She gives him a look like whatís going on. He points at the box. She opens it and the music starts to play. Its their song ď Tonight We Celebrate Our LoveĒ. She has a few tears run down her face after hearing the song. She looks in the box to see a picture of her, Bo and Shawn-D after he was born. She looks at the the picture and sets it down beside the box. She looks at Bo then back in the box. There was only a small piece of paper left in the box. she lifts it out. He takes the paper from her and opens it. Its blank but there is something in it. Its the engagement ring he gave to her after she got out the of hospital in 1985. He put it in hand. She saw what it was and started to cry. Tears ran down her face for many reasons. Bo was always the most romantic, sweetest man she ever knew, or maybe it was the idea that she was so close to lose him before.

Hope- Oh Bo.

She hugged him.

Bo- I havenít even asked yet.

Hope leaned back up and cleared the tears from her face. She tried to keep a straight face for him while he asked.

Bo- Hope Willaims Brady, will you do me the honor of marrying me for a second time?

Hope- Ummm, I will have to think about it.

Bo had a shocked look on his face.

Bo- What, really?

Hope- Yes, I will marry you. Of course I will.

Tears again sprang from her eyes. She started to cry as he hugged her with a relieved look on his face. They hugged and then it turned into a long passionate kiss.


The two men sat alone in a motel room. The one man who was looking out the window on the plane was again looking out the motel room window. The man who knew Stefano Dimera and worked for him was looking at some papers. He told the one man who was looking out the window to call him ď Mr. SistalanoĒ!

Mr. Sistalano- Are you ready?

Man- I guess so. Is everything in order?

Mr. Sistalano- Everything is all in order. You know what to do. Go and meet her on the pier.

Man- All right, I will make sure everything in done, and ready.

The man leaves the room. He calls a cab and takes off in it. Mr. Sistalano sits alone in the room watching the man get into the cab and leave.

Mr. Sistalano- This will turn Salem upside down and inside out.


After John was down at the lab with Jimmy he told him to call him as soon as he knew something. John needed to take a walk. He left the lab and headed down to the Salem park. He walked around watching all young love that was around. He smiled at the thought of all of it. He thought of Marlena and the kids. They had been through so much. He wondered if Bo and Hope would ever have the same thing him and Marlena do. They had been so lucky for Stefano to stop trying to end their relationship but was it really over. Stefano had spent the last year using Gina to break them up, but was it really over. Could it ever be over? John thinks the only way the Stefano Dimera era would end is, if he died. John knew this.


Marlena sat in her office. She could not concentrate of anything. All she thought about was John searching for his past. She remembered all the times he did and all the hell that passed when he did. Masion Blanche, Aremid, the Gina saga, and now finding Stefano for answers. Poor John she thought. She was not worried about her love for him and his love for her, but it was the fact that Stefano would not think twice about taking him away from her. He almost did in Paris tunnels. She wondered how much more things, secrets, and everything else John could take, mentally even physically.

Laura knocked on the door but Marlena didnít hear her. She walked in. Marlena stood up to see her.

Marlena- Hi, Laura.

Laura- Hello, Marlena. You seemed to be off in dream land.

Marlena- Kind of. So what can I do for you?

Laura- Well I was wondering if you would join me for lunch at Salem place. Will you?

Marlena- Sure, Iím free.

Marlena still looked off in space. Laura knew Marlena well enough to know something was wrong.

Laura- Stefano!

Marlena- Pardon.

Laura- Stefano, Stefano Dimera.

Marlena- What about him?

Laura- He is why you are bothered by something. Am I right?

Marlena- Kind of. Its more John and dealing with him...Why donít we go out for lunch and I will tell you everything there! Ok?

Laura- Sure.


John still sitting in the park got a call from Jimmy at the lab. He got the results back and knew the answers to Johnís questions. John hurry up and got over there. He entered the room with Jimmy still looking at slides of blood in the microscope. He shacked his hand. Jimmy told him that he had the answers he was looking for. John stood there waiting for him to tell him.


Kayla walked the pier. She had her lunch with Roman. She was quiet the whole time. He didnít really notice, he just keeping going over and over stuff about Stefano and where he might be. Kayla didnít really care much about it because as long as he was out of Salem, it was good enough for her. Kayla still had the letter in her pocket. She kept it in there the whole time, and still has not looked at it. She sat down at a bench on the pier. She took the letter from her pocket. She opened it and saw there was a piece of paper in it.

Kayla- Ok, Kayla. Read it..(She reads the letter).. ď The past is back! Donít worry about what may look not right, just concentrate on what could it beĒ... What the hell does that mean?

Kayla read the letter over and over again. She could not make sense of anything in it. She stood up and put it in her pocket. Maybe it just was a phrase from John and Marlena to brighten my day she thought. She looked around the pier to see flog started to roll in. She was cold and wanted to go back to the pub. She started to walk away when a man was on the other side of the pier. He looked like he was looking right at her. She stared at him to make out who it was.

Kayla- Do I know you?

The man said nothing. He just stood there. Kayla got a worried look on her face. She stepped forward once more. She could make out his face, eyes, and the clothing he wore. She stood there for a second trying to think who it may be or what they look like just incase. She finally figured it out. She knew who it was.

Kayla fainted at the sight of him. When she fell her head hit the side of the dock and her body rolled into the Salem river. The man raced over to her but was too late. Her body was already in the river floating away.

Man- KAYLA, NO!!!!!

---The End---

Chapter 9
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