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Chapter 79

Its late in the night when Larry, Tania and David all walk down the secret hallway towards Bo’s cell. Larry and David plan on killing Bo this night, they brought Tania along so she could also be killed. She knew way too much and was really losing it, she was totally crazy and out for revenge against Hope. As they walked down the hall, Larry pulled out his gun as David walked into their meeting room where the door to Bo’s cell was. David unlocked the door to the cell door. He looked in and saw knowone. He gave Larry a worried look and then opened the cell door. He walked in to see a large hole in the wall, big enough for Bo to fit through. He ran back to Tania and Larry.

David- He’s gone!

Larry- What? How?

Tania ran into the cell to look around and saw the hole that lead into another room where he could leave. She saw the spoon on the ground that Bo used to dig the stone from the wall to escape.

David- He dug a hole and went through the next cell and through that door.

Larry- Dam it. We have find him before he finds someone and especially gets to Hope.

The three people ran from the secret room to the hallway where they ran up to the secret door that would lead into the sanitarium, where they all thought Bo would be. Larry and David both pulled out their guns as they ran towards the opening.


Barb wheeled Hope into the TV where they could find away out. Barb knew the password to the doors so they could easily get access to the main hallway where knowone should be. Again Barb asked Hope if they still wanted to go through with their plan. Hope again told her that she needed too. Barb started to wheel Hope towards the door where the password panel was. As Barb did that the main light to the TV room came on. Nurse O’Tool stood at doorway back to the rooms. She pushed her medicine cart right in front of the doorway leading out to the main hallway. Barb and Hope both froze up as the nurse stood there looking at them both.

Nurse O’Tool- What the hell do you think you are doing, Barb?

Hope again looked as if she was catatonic as Barb froze in her spot. The two women had come way too far to turn back now. Hope sat in her wheel chair right in front of a coffee table with a few magazines and a vase seating on it. Barb tapped Hope on the back, then fell to the ground. The nurse ran to Barb on the ground. The nurse tried to get Barb to wake-up, Hope reached for the vase and smashed it over the nurse’s head. The nurse fell to the ground as Barb lifted her head at Hope and winked. Hope just smiled back at her new friend.


Bo ran as fast as he could. He was completely exhausted from his adventure. His body had take its toll being locked up for the past few days. He needed to reach Hope, but didn’t know where she was. He walked the hallways to the sanitarium, not knowing where was. He thought maybe he was at a hospital. He heard people coming through the secret door which he came through. He hid around the corner as Larry, David and Tania all walked through the door. They ran quietly down the hallway towards a special unit.


Barb jumped to her feet and started again to wheel Hope to the doorway. But just before they reach the doors Larry, David and Tania all entered. David pushed the pill cart from the door and over to beside Hope. Barb started to wheel Hope back as they came into the room. Larry and David held there guns at Barb as Hope sat in the chair catatonic. She knew what they thinking, that she couldn’t do anything would help them. Larry saw the nurse on the ground and laughed.

Larry- We have been busy at work, haven’t we?

Barb froze again as Hope watched on. Finally David fell to the ground and Tania was pushed near Hope and Barb. Bo entered the room and pushed the doors open at David and Tania. Barb jumped onto Tania as David stood up from the floor.

Hope- Bo!

Larry watched in amazement as Hope said a word. He couldn’t get over how she did it. He thought that with the drugs she was on, that she couldn’t do anything.

Bo and David fought, Bo punched David in the face and David’s gun went flying over to where Tania and Barb were. Barb pushed Tania down to the ground behind Hope. Barb went over to Larry as Larry was about to hit Bo with the butt end of his gun. She kicked Larry in the leg before he could hit Bo. Tania and Hope stood face to face. Tania picked the gun up off the floor. She held it on Hope, but thought she couldn’t do anything. She then held the gun over Hope’s head and pointed it at Barb. Hope saw this and haft lunged, haft fell into Tania as the gun was fired at the ceiling. Tania fell to the floor as Hope tried her hardest to keep her on the ground. Larry pushed Barb to the floor as he threw Bo into a wall where David was. David held Bo as Larry punched him in the stomach.

The gun in Tania’s hand went flying over to the other side of the room as Hope laid herself on top of Tania so she couldn’t get up. Larry stopped beating Bo as he saw Hope with Tania. Tania pushed Hope off of her and stood up. Hope very slowly stood up to everyone’s amazement. Nurse O’Tool stood up as well after waking up from all the noise. She stood up and saw Hope standing up as well as Barb fighting with others.

Nurse O’Tool- Your not going anywhere.

The Nurse ran towards Barb, Hope pushed the medicine cart into the nurse. The medicine cart fell over on top of the nurse as well as knocked Tania onto the floor. The other attendants and nurses who were on were blocked from getting into the room by the medicine cart blocking there way into the room. They all watched as men and women fought, some they knew and some they didn’t know at all.

Larry pulled out his gun and pointed it at Hope. The buzzer to the sanitarium went off moments before due to hearing gun shots in the home. Hope stood fearing Larry was going to kill her, Larry shot the gun, but as the bullet went for Hope, Barb managed to stand up and take the hit for Hope. Hope stood in shock and saddened by Barb taking her life to save her.

Larry watched Barb bleed all over the floor, he looked over at Bo who was fighting off David and walked over to help David fight Bo. Tania stood not knowing what to do and then grabbed Hope by the shirt. Hope stood up looking right into Tania’s face. Hope pulled herself away from Tania and stood looking right into the face of the woman who tried to kill her and did kill her child.

Hope- You bitch, you killed my child and now I’m going to kill you.

Hope punched Tania as hard as she could. Tania fell to the floor as Hope jumped right on top of her. Hope slapped and pulled Tania’s hair as Tania tried to push Hope off of herself. Hope the stood up and ran as fast as she could over to Barb on the ground. She held Barb’s hand in her lap as Barb bleed to death.

Hope- Barb, you were my only friend in here. I never would have gotten this far without you. I will make sure, the people that did this to you, pay for what they have done. I’m sorry my friend, I’m sorry for what happened to you in here and right now. You were a true friend.

Hope started to cry as Barb died in her arms. Hope bent her head down to kiss the forehead of Barb. Hope cried as Larry walked over to her. Larry picked Hope up by her hair. He held her in his arms with his gun pointed at her head.

Larry- You move Bo, she dies.

Bo froze seeing Hope standing scared as Larry held his gun on her. He let go of David, who in return punched Bo in the face. Bo stood bleeding from his mouth and nose. David was also bleeding from his nose and mouth from Bo hitting him. Hope looked down at Barb’s dead body and remembered all Barb did for her. Hope then bit Larry’s hand. As he let her go, she kicked him in the leg. He fell to the floor in pain. Bo pushed David over to the couch and then pushed the couch on top of him. Bo took Hope’s hand and ran out the doors.

Bo and Hope ran down the hallway as the alarm to the entire sanitarium went off. Bo and Hope ran as fast as they could down the hallway holding hands hoping that they could get as far away from this place, Larry and his people. They knew it was their only chance for freedom and they wanted it badly.

---The End---

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